Workshop on Basic Digital Logic


The Entire Volunteer Team with The Participants and The Teachers

On 5 September, 2019 IEEE BUET Student Branch and IEEE WIE BUET Student Branch Affinity Group propitiously arranged a workshop on “Basic Digital Logic” in association with Holy Cross Science Club at Holy Cross College, Dhaka. 12 teams consisting of forty-eight enthusiastic students participated in the event. The enthusiasm of the participants was very welcoming.

This workshop was instructed by Suhee Sanjana Mehjabin, Chairperson, IEEE WIE BUET SB AG; Nafhatul Zanan Shifa, Treasurer, IEEE WIE BUET SB AG; Atika Rahman Paddo, Vice-Chairperson (Technical), IEEE WIE BUET SB AG; Dipi Roy, General-Secretary, IEEE WIE BUET SB AG; Sakib Chowdhury, Vice-Chairperson (Technical) of IEEE BUET SB; Mir Sayeed Mohammad, Photography Executive, IEEE BUET SB; Nawshad Binta Nizam, Membership Development Coordinator, IEEE WIE BUET SB AG.

Suhee Sanjana Mehjabin, Chairperson, IEEE WIE BUET SB AG, instructing the enthusiastic participants

The workshop started with a brief introduction on IEEE and WIE and what its purposes are and how does it help all the students, professionals and the people who work in industry to collaborate with each other for the betterment of every individual around the world. It was then followed by a session about “Inspiring Female Students towards Engineering and Technology” where students were motivated and inspired to pursue their dreams and to break the shackles of society so they can march forward in pursuit of knowledge.


After that, the participants were introduced to the basic logic gates and how these could be implemented in real life purposes. Many interesting topics like three basic logic gates, XOR and XNOR gates, universal gates, adders were discussed at length and the students were taught to practically implement each and every logic circuit with respective ICs. This provided them a way to learn and gather the foundational experience of how things worked outside their prescribed books, in real life. They were also given a logic complex function to implement on their own and they performed meticulously.

Eager Participants Listening to the Instructor

Finally to relate things more on the basis of real life experience they were guided to implement a digital logic based project related to password protection. At the end of the event, students were given guidelines on how they can pursue their interest in engineering for being the future endeavors.

Basically, this workshop was a part of the outreach program of IEEE BUET SB and IEEE WIE BUET SB AG to pre-university institutions, such-as schools and colleges. A token of appreciation was provided to the instructors by the Holy Cross College authority after the end of the session. Special thanks goes to the Holy Cross College Science Club for being so cooperative and for providing a friendly environment to make this workshop successful.