BINARY LOGIC: A Practical Approach to Digital Electronics

BINARY LOGIC: A Practical Approach to Digital Electronics

BUET WIE Student Branch Affinity Group is pleased to announce the successful completion of the first ever outreach program organized for pre-university students held at YWCA Higher Secondary Girls’ School on April 4, 2017.

We were overwhelmed by the huge response and the enthusiasm of the participants forced us to carry out the workshop in more detailed way. A total number of 34 students, divided into 5 groups, attended the program.

We cordially thank the instructor Zahra Zahin, Chairperson, BUET WIE SB AG for conducting the workshop. We also thank our volunteers for their supportive attitude that made the workshop more appealing to the youngsters.

The workshop was started with a short motivating speech for the enthusiast minds that would grow their interest to take engineering as profession. The participants were then provided with logic gates, wire, LED to implement the circuits they had learnt in their textbook. The spark that was seen in their eyes when the LED was blinking is worth mentioning. Then they were also provided with some theoretical knowledge about number representation and arithmetic circuits. At last, they got really excited when they saw the practical application of the theory they have learned with their own eyes.

We thank our appreciative and enthusiastic participants without whom the program holds no meaning. Their eagerness and patience motivated the instructors to help them out with all the projects they wanted to implement.

We would also like to thank the Principal Ms. Anuvuti Sinha, Vice Principal Ms. Florence Gomes and the teachers, Ms. Rezwana and Ms. Shamsunnahar for giving us the opportunity to motivate the fresh minds to engineering profession and give them a practical vision of the theory they have learned from their textbook.