DIGITAL ELECTRONICS: Practical Implementation of Decade Counter

BUET WIE Student Branch Affinity Group is pleased to announce the successful completion of the second phase of
outreach program organized for pre-university studentsheld at Holy Cross College on September 14, 2017.
We were overwhelmed by the huge response and the enthusiasm of the participants forced us to carry out the
workshop in more detailed way. A total number of 40 students, divided into 7 groups, attended the program.
We cordially thank the instructor Zahra Zahin, Chairperson, BUET WIE SB AG for conducting the workshop. We
also thank our volunteers for their supportive attitude that made the workshop more appealing to the youngsters.
In the first session of the workshop a short speech was given on the outstanding contribution of women in science
and technology to motivate the students and to grow their interest in this field.

In the next session a brief presentation was made on Green Technology, Renewable energy and Smart grid. Then in
the practical session students were first provided with necessary theoretical knowledge on decade counter and other
components to implement the circuit. After that each group was given the components. Volunteers were always
ready to help them whenever they need. The spark that was seen in their eyes when the counter started counting after
getting clock pulse is worth mentioning. At last, they got really excited when they saw the practical application of
the theory they have learned with their own eyes.


At the last section an MCQ based test was taken and three highest mark obtainers were awarded.
We thank our appreciative and enthusiastic participants without whom the program holds no meaning. Their
eagerness and patience motivated the instructors to help them out with all the projects they wanted to implement
We would also like to thank the Principal Sister Shikha Gomes, the teachers for giving us the opportunity to
motivate the fresh minds to engineering profession and give them a practical vision of the theory they have learned
from their textbook.