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2021 Events

May 12,2021Nano Forum: ActiveCopper™ attacks Covid
Dr. Alfred Zinn, Founder and CTO at Kuprion Inc.
April 21, 2021Origin Stories – Exploring Entrepreneurship

Origin Stories of the following Companies:
Cellics Therapeutics – Founder Liangfang Zhang; Novel therapies for viral diseases, including Covid-19, HIV; and for Sepsis
Gamma Alloys – Founder & CEO Mark SommerComposite Materials for additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, energy
BNNano – Founder & CEO Steve Wilcenski; Boron Nitride Nanotubes & NanoBarbs for improving industrial materials (aluminum, copper, polyester, more)
Terecircuits – Founder & CTO Jayna Sheats; Next Gen Microassembly for flexible & transparent circuitry & high density displays
March 24,2021Combating the COVID Pandemic in India: A Genomics Approach
Dr. Jyoti Yadav, Sr. Pr. Scientist at the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB), Delhi, INDIA
Feb 16, 20213D Interferometry and Nanomechanics – Electronics, Face Masks and More
Kurt Rubin, KLA Tencor

Quantum Computing programme

2020 Events

Starting June 2020, SFBA Nano Council had been holding virtual talks (excl. symposia) for free in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
November 12 2020Quantum Computing: Devices, Challenges and Applications

 Challenges towards developing Low Loss Superconducting Qubit Devices
Dr. Tim Phung, Research Staff Member, IBM

Connecting and Scaling Semiconductor Quantum Systems

Prof. Jelena Vuckovic, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Stanford University

Quantum computation and simulation with single-atom qubits

Prof. Dan Stamper-Kurn, Physics, UC Berkeley

Quantum Supremacy using a Programmable Superconducting Processor

Prof. John Martinis, Research Scientist, Google

How to Compute with Schrödinger’s Cat: An Introduction to Quantum Computing
Dr. Eleanor Rieffel, Senior Research Scientist Lead, NASA Ames Research Center


Quantum Computing programme



Abstracts & Bios

Quantum computing abstracts&bios
September 15 2020The Era of Hyperscaling in Electronics
Suman Datta
Stinson Professor of Nanotechnology, University of Notre Dame
Dec 2018 symposium programme
August 6 2020All-Printed Supercapacitors for In Space Manufacturing and Terrestrial Applications
Dr. Myeonglok Seol
Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center
June 9 2020Bioinspired Materials Development for Next-Gen Batteries
Dr. Fausto D’Apuzzo
Optical Scientist, HP Labs
February 5 2020Light-based Rapid 3D Bioprinting for Precision Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Professor Shaochen Chen
NanoEngineering Chair, UC San Diego

2019 Events

December 10
Championing Science – Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers
Dr. Roger Aines  /  Amy Aines
Chief Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Founder  /  CEO, Damianakes Communications
October 15 2019Industrial Applications of EBSD (Electron backscatter diffraction) and ECCI (Electron channeling contrast imaging)
Dr. Jingyi Zhang
EBSD Scientist, EAG Laboratories
September 19 20194th Annual “Origin Stories” – Exploring Entrepreneurship

Gleb Yushin
Co-Founder and CTO, Sila Nanotechnology

Deepak Dugar
President and Founder, Visolis Biotechnology

Peter Boyd
President and Founder, Nano Hydrophobics

Ram Prasad Gandhiraman
Founder and CEO, Space Foundry

August 20
Recent Progress in Carbon Nanotube Logic Technology
Rebecca Park
PhD Candidate, Stanford University
July 9
Industry Assessment of Emerging 3D Memory Technology Landscape
Prashant Majhi
Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
June 18
Bioinspired Materials Development for Next-Gen Batteries
Professor Dahyun Oh
Dept of Materials Engineering, San José State University
May 23
Symposium : Nanoscience at the Molecular Foundry

Stefano Cabrini
Nanofabrication Facility Director, Molecular FoundryProfessor Jonathan Fan
Dept of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Brooke Kuei
PhD Student, Penn State University

Professor Abraham Wolcott
Dept of Chemistry, San Jose State University

Dominik Ziegler
Founder, Scuba Probe Technologies

May 11 2019Additively Manufactured Biomimetic Polymers
Dr. Ozgur Keles
Chemical & Materials Engineering Dept, San Jose State University
conj. w/ SJSU Technical Showcase
April 2 2019X-ray Fourier Holography Takes Off
Dr. Tais Gorkhovera
Stanford PULSE Institute, SLAC National Laboratory
February 19
Nanotechnology for Imaging and Radiation Therapy
Professor Lei Xing
Director of Medical Physics, Stanford University
January 15 2019X-Rays Reveal the Secret Life of Batteries: X-ray Microscopy of Operating Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
Dr. Johanna Nelson Weker
Staff Scientist, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource

2018 Events

December 13 201814th Annual Fall Symposium: Nanomanufacturing – Latest and Cutting Edge Technologies

 Enabling Self-Aligned Processes for Nanoscale Fabrication 
Rudy Wojtecki, Research – Electronic Materials, IBM

Selective Deposition: Progress & Challenges with an Emerging Tool for Continued Scaling 

David Thompson, Sr. Director, Center of Excellence in Chemistry, Applied Materials

Materials and Scaling Challenges in Crosspoint Memory 

Karl Littau, CTO, Intermolecular

Quantum Dots: Manufacturing Nanomaterials at Consumer Scale
Martin Devenney, Sr. V. P of Manufacturing and COO, Nanosys

VividColor Nanoparticles for LED, MicroLED, OLED and LCD 2.0 Applications

David Wyatt, CTO, PixelDisplay

Dec 2018 symposium programme
October 16
Nanophotonic Control of Thermal Radiation for Energy Applications
Dr. Wei Li
Stanford University
September 18
Company Origin Stories – Exploring Entrepreneurship

 David K. Lam, Founder of Lam Research and CEO of Multibeam Corporation

Francois Jeanneau, President and CEO of  Novasentis

Ajay Virkar, Co-Founder and CTO, C3Nano

Vivian Qu, Founder and CEO, ViaeX Technologies

Pavel Lazarev, Founder and CTO, Capacitor Sciences Inc

Richard Elkus, Led development of the Video Tape Recorder at Ampex

August 21
Real Limits to Nanoelectronics: Interconnects and Contacts
Professor Krishna Saraswat
Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
June 19
ePaper 2.0
Dr. Bob Fleming
CTO, CLEARink Displays
May 19
Nanomedicine in the 21st Century
Professor Folarin Erogbogbo
San Jose State University
April 26
International Invitational Symposium – Nanomaterials & Nanocomposites:
Processing, Synthesis & Applications
 Silk Scaffolds and Protein Nanocages for Healthcare Applications
Professor Neil R. Thomas
University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
 Imipenem Loaded Chitosan Based Nano-Constructs: A New Paradigm to Cure Multidrug Resistant Clinical Isolates
Bushra Jamil
National University of Medical Sciences, Rawalpindi, PAKISTAN
 ZnO Micro/Nanostructures Based Ultraviolet Photodetectors
Professor Xiaosheng Fang
Fudan University, P.R. CHINA
 Plasmonic Semiconductor Nanocrystals as Intrinsically Multifunctional Materials 
Professor Pavel V. Radovanovic
University of Waterloo, CANADA
 Self-Assembly of Nanostructures for Fabrication of Anti-Reflective Surfaces
Dr. Parvaneh Mokarian
Trinity College, Dublin, IRELAND
 Fabrication of Hollow Nanostructures: CNT Forests and Spherical Semiconductors
Professor Klara Hernadi
University of Szeged, HUNGARY
 Modification of Magnetic Properties in Nanomagnetic Materials Through Metal Particles
Dr. Yukiko Yasukawa
Chiba Institute of Technology, JAPAN
March 20
Microfluidics Systems Enable High-Throughput Metagenomics
Dr. Brian Yu
Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
February 20
Nanostructured Optical Materials for Extreme Waveform Control
Professor Jonathan Fan
Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
January 16
Taking Electrons Out of Bioelectronics
Professor Marco Rolandi
Electrical Engineering Chair, UCSC
Co-founder, KitoTech Medical & Co-founder, Cruz Foam


2017 Events



2016 Events

San Francisco Bay Area IEEE Nanotechnology Council Chapter


Three-Day Workshop for Young Professionals

IEEEnanoCON-2016:  Inspiring the Next Generation

Download workshop report here.

June 13 – 15, 2016

Sponsored by OCSiAL USA, IBM, and IEEE SCV Section



2015 Events

August 18
Electrostatic Functionalization of Carbon Based Nanomaterials
and Applications in Chemical, Gas and BioSensing

Dr. Vasuda Bhatia
Professor, Amity Institute
July 21
Interactions of Light and Charge with Nanoporous MetalOrganic Frameworks
Dr. Mark Allendorf
Senior Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories
June 16
An introduction to the 3D Subnanometer Compositionally Sensitive Technique of Atom Probe Tomography
Mr. Robert Ulfig
LEAP Product Manager, Cameca SAS
May 19
The Promise and Progress of Nanophotonics 
 Silicon Photonics at Intel
Dr. Andrew Alduino, Director
Silicon-Photonics Product Line Management, Intel Corporation
 Silicon Photonics and the Datacenter
Dr. Marco Fiorentino
Researcher, System Research Lab, HP Labs
 Semiconductor Nanowire Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics
Dr. Mark Brongersma
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
 Carbon Nanotube Infrared and Terahertz Photodetectors
Dr. François Léonard
Researcher, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore
 Visualizing Chemical Reactions and Light-Matter Interactions with Nanometer-scale Resolution
Dr. Jen Dionne
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
 Mapping Optoelectronic Processes at the Native Length Scale in Organic & Inorganic Nano Composites
Dr. Alexander Weber-Bargioni
Staff Scientist, Molecular Foundry Material Science Division LBNL
 Quantum Noise in All-Optical Logic Circuits
Dr. Charles Santori
Researcher, HP Labs
 Nanoscale Optofluidics: On-Chip Infectious Disease and Cancer Diagnostics
Dr. Ahmet Ali Yanik
Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz
 Implement Smell and Taste with Nano-sensors
Dr. Zhiyong Li
Principal Scientist, Foundational Technology Lab at HP Labs
April 21
Nanoengineered Devices for Thermal Management and Solar Thermal Energy Conversion
Dr. Evelyn N. Wang
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
March 17
Harnessing Nano for Drug Delivery
Dr. Kayte Fischer
CTO, Nano Precision Medical Inc.
February 17
Integrated On-Chip Energy Storage Using Nano Porous-Silicon Electrochemical Capacitors
Donald. S. Gardner
Principal Engineer, Intel Corp. and IEEE Fellow
January 20
What’s Hot in Advanced Nanomaterials
Ross Kozarsky
Senior Analyst, Lux Research Inc.


2014 Events

November 18
10th Annual Half Day Fall Symposium on Energy Storage 
 Fueling the future: Safe, Dense, Reversible Hydrogen Storage in Hybrid Nanomaterials
Dr. Jeff Urban
Staff Scientist, Materials Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
 Fuel Cell Mobile Lighting: A Hydrogen Technology Market Transformation Project
Dr. Lennie Klebanoff
Sandia National Laboratory
 Extending Battery Storage Now with Silicon and Software
Dania Ghantous
VP Technology, Qnovo
 Impact of Nano- and Meso-structure on the Performance of Capacitors
Dr. Michael Stadermann
Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
 Monolithic Carbon Nanotube Electrodes: Technology and Energy Storage Applications
Dr. Phil Kraus
CEO Ultora
 He says fool’s cells, I say fuel cells
Dr. John Suh
Executive Director Hyundai Ventures
October 21
Low-cost, Flexible Displays using Nanoscale Droplets
Dr. Mateusz Bryning
CTO, Zikon
September 16
Nanogel star polymers as interesting soft colloid materials for biomedical applications
Dr. Robert D. Miller
IBM Almaden Research Center
August 19
In-Situ Soft Nano Particles for Targeted Drug Delivery
Dr. Jayakumar Rajadas
Director of Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery Laboratory, Stanford University School of Medicine
July 29
Nanoscale Optofluidic Devices
Prof. Holger Schmidt
Department of Electrical Engineering, UC Santa Cruz
June 10
Sub-5 nm Patterning Using Helium Ion Beam and Nanoimprint Lithography
Prof. Wei Wu
Department of EE, University of Southern California
May 20
Low-cost scalable production and applications of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Prof Mikhail Predtechensky CTO
Mr Yuri Koropachinsky President, OCSiAl Group
April 18
IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Council 10th Anniversary Full Day Symposium
“The Promise and Progress of Nanotech Enabled 2D Devices and Materials”
 Growth Behavior of Graphene on Metal Substrates
Prof. Oscar Dubon
UC Berkeley
 Graphene-Organic Interface & Rational Control of Electronic Properties
Dr. Nan Liu
Stanford University
 1, 2, 3… Ripples, Gaps and Transport in Graphene Membranes
Prof. Jeanie Lau
UC Riverside
 Graphene-based Air Electrodes for Solid Oxide Electrochemical Cells
Prof. Min Hwan Lee
UC Merced
 Electronics with 2D semiconductors and their heterostructures
Prof. Sayeef Salahuddin
UC Berkeley
 2D Binary Transition Metal Chalcogenide and Beyond
Prof. Jiang Wei
Tulane University
 MoS2-Based Multi-Bit Memories Fabricated by Plasma-Induced Self-Formation of Charge Storage Layers
Prof. Xiaogan Liang
University of Michigan
March 18
Nanophosphors in Cancer Diagnosis, Therapeutics and Drug Delivery
Dr. P. R. Ravilisetty
President Specialty Phosphors Inc.
February 18
Nano-Justified: Why Nano Matters for Silicon Thermoelectrics
Akram Boukai
CEO and Co-Founder, Silicium Energy
January 28
Searching for Profits at the Intersection of Nanotech and Electronics
Ross Kozarsky
Senior Analyst, Lux Research Inc.


2013 Events

December 17 2013Conductive-bridge memory (CBRAM) with excellent high-temperature retention and tolerance to high levels of Gamma Radiation
Dr. Venkatesh P. Gopinath
V.P. of CBRAM Technology at Adesto Technologies
November 19 2013The IEEE SFBA Nanotechnology Ninth Annual Fall Symposium:
Nanoengineered Biomedical Devices
 Nanopore Analysis of Nucleic Acids: From an Idea to a Working Instrument
Shadi A. Dayeh
Biomolecular Engineering UC Santa Cruz
 Ultrasensitive Electrofluidic Technologies for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Dr. Mehdi Javanmard
Senior Research Engineer, Stanford Genome Technology Center
 The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM: Ten Years of Progress in Commercialization of Glucose Monitoring Systems
Dr. Tom Peyser
Vice President, Science and Technology, Dexcom
 Magnetic nano-sensors for sensitive protein detection
Dr. Adam Seger
Electrical Engineer, MagArray, Inc. Post-doctoral Researcher UC Santa Cruz
 Gold foams for biomedical devices
Prof. Erkin Seker
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UC Davis.
 Cancer Nanotechnology: Opportunities and Challenge
Prof. Demir Akin
Deputy Dir, Ctr for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence. Stanford School of Medicine
 Scuba Dive to the Nanoscale: New Probes for Low-Noise Mass and Force Sensing in Liquids
Dr. Dominik Ziegler
Researcher, Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
 Nanoscience Tools for Positioning, Measuring, and Activating Individual Biomolecules
Prof. Tao Ye
School of Natural Sciences, UC Merced
November 9 2013Energy Generation & Storage: Possibilities and Realities
The 2nd Annual University Mini-Symposium
 Opportunities for collaborative university – industry research for sustainable energy
Dr. Daniel Hirleman
Dean, School of Engineering, University of California, Merced
 Designing & fabricating nanostructured materials for energy storage and generation
Dr. Yi Cui
Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
 Development of nanomaterials for energy related applications
Dr. Latika Menon
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Northeastern University
 Revolutionary thin film micro-batteries – creating new products and markets
J. R. Gaines
Technical Director, Kurt J. Lesker Company
 Nanoparticle enabled super electrodes for solid oxide fuel cells
Craig Jacobsen
Co-founder and CEO/CFO, Point Source Power, Inc.
October 15 2013Conducting Atomic Force Microscopy (C-AFM) at Statistically Relevant Scale for Rapid Assessment of Non-Volatile Memory Materials and Devices
Dr. Kumar Virwani
Research Staff Member at the IBM Almaden Research Center
September 17 2013Thermal Management At The Extremes
Ken Goodson
Professor & Department Chair, Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering
September 11 2013Semiconducting Nanowire Arrays Grown Directly on Graphene: Towards Precision Placement of Wafer Scale Nanowire Arrays with Improved Electrical Contact for Energy Storage and Harvesting
John Alper
PhD Candidate, UC-Berkeley
August 20 2013A Multiview Backlight for Mobile 3D Displays
Dr. Zhen Peng
Research Scientist, HP Laboratories
July 9
Splitting One Photon to Two Electrons: Toward Breaking the Single Junction Efficiency Limit
Dr. Jiye Lee
Postdoctoral fellow in the Molecular Foundry at LBNL
June 18
Energy Harvesting from Waste Heat and Sun Light with Mesoscopic Materials
Prof. Nobuhiko P. Kobayashi
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, UC Santa Cruz
May 15
Emerging Nano-Bio & Nano-Ionic Technologies and Applications 
Dr. Chandrasekhar Narayan
Dir. Science and Technology, IBM Almaden Labs
 Tunnel RRAM Devices
Dr. Rene Meyer
Rambus Labs
 Access devices for 3-D crosspoint using Mixed-Ionic-Electronic-Conduction
Dr. Geoffrey Burr
Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Labs
  Low Power RRAM
Lee Cleveland
Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Labs
 RRAM Based on Amorphous Films
Prof. Wei Lu
University of Michigan, Co-founder and Chief-Scientist, Crossbar Inc.
 Nanoionics in Medicine: from modest beginnings to potentially bright future
Mark Bunger
Research Director, Lux Research
 Applications of Polymeric Micro/Nano-Electro-MEMS in Biotechnology
Prof. Anand Gadre
Director, Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry, UC Merced
 Creating Chemoselective Surfaces and Films for Sensor Platforms
Dr. Rob Meagley
Founder ONE Nanotechnologies
 Carbon Nanofiber Nanoelectrode Arrays for Biosensing Applications
Dr. Jessica Koehne
Nano-bio sensing systems Scientist at NASA Ames
 Applications Surface Modification of Glass Nanopores for Bioanalytical Sensing
Dr. Boaz Vilozny
Bioengineering Dept UC Santa Cruz
 Reversing the Greenhouse – Carbon Dioxide to Graphene Devices
Jon Myers
CEO and Founder, Graphene Technologies
April 16
Turning ALD Innovations into Successful Applications
Brad Aitchison
Western US Sales Director, BeneQ Oy, Vantaa Finland
March 19
Fiber SERS Sensors for Molecular Detection
Dr. Claire Gu
Department of Electrical Engineering University of California, Santa Cruz
February 19
CMOS Compatible Nanoscale Vacuum Tube
Dr. Jin-Woo Han
Research Scientist, NASA AMES Research Center
January 15
Commercializing Nanoelectronics: Opportunities in Material and Life Sciences
Mark Bunger
Research Director, Lux Research Inc.


2012 Events

December 4
Atomistic aspects of the resistive switching characteristics in RRAM devices
lanka Magyari-Köpe
Senior Research Engineer, EE Department, Stanford
November 13
Hector De Los Santos
NanoMEMS Research, LLC, Irvine, Ca
October 27
IEEE SF Bay Nanotechnology Council Presents
8th Annual Fall Symposium:
“Nanovation: From Science to Startups”
Carol Mimura
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances UC, Berkeley
 Mark Bunger
Director of Research, LUX Research
 Shadi A. Dayeh
Prof, Dept of ECE, UCSD. Fellow, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies at Los Alamos National Lab
 Jessica Koehne
Nano-bio sensing systems Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center
 Zvi Or-Bach
Founder & CEO of MonolothICTM 3D, Chairman of the Board of Zeno Semiconductor, Serial Entrepreneur
 Zachary Smith
Project Scientist and Fellow, Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology, UC Davis Medical Center
 Robert Walters
President and CEO Integrated Plasmonics Corporation
 Ben Wang
Founder and Vice President of Svaya Nanotechnologies
 Eli Yablonovitch
Prof, Dept of EECS UCB, Director NSF Center for Energy Efficient Electronics Science
October 16
Novel Thermal Interface Materials for 3D Chip Stacks
Srilakshmi Lingamneni
Ph.D Candidate, Stanford Nanoheat Laboratory, Stanford University
September 18
Nanotechnology Enabled Redox Flow Batteries Give the Smart Grid a High IQ
Bret Adams
Director of business Development EnerVault Corporation
August 21
Broadband Light Management Using Low-Q Whispering Gallery Modes in Spherical Nanoshells
Jie Yao
Post-doctoral Researcher, Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford
July 17
Nanoscale Chemical Imaging of Energy Materials with Full-field Transmission X-ray Microscopy
Dr. Joy C. Andrews
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
June 19
The Discovery and Optimization of Solid State Materials for Energy and Electronics Sectors using MBE based Methodologies
Dr. Brian Hayden
Illika Technologies
May 15
Nanostructured Thin Films via Layer-by-Layer Assembly at the Industrial Scale
Dr. Ben Wang
Svaya Nanotechnologies
April 6 20128th Annual Full Day Symposium: “Emerging Non-Volatile Memory Technologies” 
 Finding the Missing Memristor
Dr. R. Stanley Williams
HP Senior Fellow & VP, Hewlett Packard Corporation
 Nano-Electro-Mechanical Memory (NEMory) Technology Promise & Challenges
Prof. Tsu-Jae King Liu
Dept. ECE, University of California at Berkeley
 STT MRAM: Recent Strong Semiconductor Industry Traction
Dr. Yiming Huai
VP of Technology, Avalanche Technology
 Nanometallic RRAMs: A New Device Concept
Prof. I-Wei Chen
Dept. MS&E, University of Pennsylvania
 Progress and Challenges in ReRAM
Prof. Yoshio Nishi
Dept. EE, Stanford University
 Cation-based Resistive Memory
Prof. Michael N. Kozicki
Dept. EE, Arizona State University
 Progress on Racetrack Memory
Dr. Stuart Parkin
IBM Fellow, IBM Almaden Research Center
 Phase Change Memory
Prof. H.-S. Philip Wong
Dept. EE, Stanford University
 A Map for Phase-Change Materials
Dr. Martin Salinga & Prof. Matthias Wuttig
RWTH Aachen University
 RRAM Architectures and Circuits at Nanoscale
Dr. Sangho Shin & Prof. Steve Kang
Dept. EE, University of California at Santa Cruz
 How Advances In Nanotechnology Will Enable Next Generation Exascale Computers
Dr. Matthew Marinella
Senior Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories
 Emerging NVM Enabled Computing Architecture – From Evolution to Revolution
Prof. Yiran Chen
Dept. of EE, University of Pittsburgh
March 20
Novel Flexible Acoustic Devices
Prof. Tian-Ling Ren
Tsinghua University
February 22
Advanced Materials Enabling Energy Efficient, Printed, Flexible, and Organic Electronics
Mark Bunger
Lux Research
January 24
Implementing Smell and Taste with Nano-sensors
Zhiyong Li
HP Labs

2011 Events

December 20
Integration of Disruptive Materials for Advanced Non-volatile Memories
Wilbur Catabay
November 15 20117th Annual Half Day Symposium: “Nanophotonics Imaging” 
 Nanophotonics communications & SOC/3D interconnect
Dr. Hughes Metras
Dir. North America, Leti
 Life beyond the diffraction limit: nano-scale imaging and lasers
Dr. Xiang Zhang, Ernest S. Kuh
Endowed Chair, UC Berkeley
 New Light at the End of the EUV Tunnel
Dr. Hakaru Mizoguchi
CTO, Gigaphoton
 Metrology and Standards for NanoMaterials
Dr. Herbert Bennett
NIST Fellow & Executive Advisor, NIST
October 18th 2011Is Nanotechnology the next wave in the Medical Device Industry?
Dr. Sudhi Gautam
Patni Americas Inc
September 20th 2011Transfer-Printing Semiconductor Nanodevices on Arbitrary Substrates
Dr. M. Saif Islam
UC Davis
July 19
A Breakthrough in Nanocomposite for High-Capacity Hydrogen Storage
Dr. Jeff Urban
Deputy Director Inorganic Nanostructures Facility at the Molecular Foundry
May 17 20117th Annual Full Day Symposium: Nanotechnology – Consumer Applications 
 Nanotechnology: Leveraging Semiconductor Technologies to Address Global

Dr. Spike Narayan
Functional Manager, IBM
 Lithium-Ion Batteries: Opportunities and Challenges
Dania Ghantous
VP Technology, Qnovo
 High Capacity Cathode for Consumer Electronics Application
Dr. Sujeet Kumar
CTO, Envia Systems
 Nanostructured Materials for Direct Conversion of Heat Into Electricity
Prof. Ali Shakouri
Dept. of EE, UC Santa Cruz
SAIL (Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography), Green Manufacturing for Green

Dr. Carl Taussig
Director, Information Surfaces, H.P Labs
 Nanotechnology Meets Industrial Scale Manufacturing: Delivering Highperformance Affordable Displays to Consumers
Tom Edman
VP, Display Business, Applied Materials
 Nano-Droplets and Porous Networks for Electronic Displays
Dr. Mateusz Bryning
 Novel Remote Phosphor Architectures and Methods for Modeling Performance
Chuck Edwards
VP Product Development, Intematix
 Using Metal Nanowires As Transparent Electrodes for OLED Solid State Lighting
Dr. Florian Pschenitzka
April 19 2011Building Brains with Memristive Memory
Dr. Greg Snider
HP Labs
March 15 2011Scalability of conductive-bridge random access memory (CBRAM): How far can we go and where are we now?
Dr. John Jameson
Adesto Technologies
February 15 2011How the use of process-ready silicon composite materials can increase Li-ion cell capacity by as much as 40% without cycle life compromise.
Dr. Yimin Zhu
Nanosys Inc.
January 18 2011Bionanoelectronics: The State Of The Art and The Near Term Future
Mark Bunger
Lux Research

2010 Events

December 14 2010Thermo-Elastic Stability of Carbon Nano-Tubes Embedded Into Low-Modulus Elastic Media
Dr. Ephraim Suhir,
November 16 20106th Annual Half Day Symposium:
 Process and Integration Based Scaling for 15nm nodes
Chris Bencher
Distinguish Tech Staff, CTO office, Applied Materials
 Technology Challenges in 28nm CMOS and Beyond
Dr. Di Ma
VP of Applications/Technology NA, TSMC
 Design/Technology Co-optimization: Collaborating to Overcome the Challenges of 28nm and Beyond
Bill Liu
VP Tech Design Enablement, Global Foundries
 Why Programmability is Necessary but not Sufficient
below 17nm

Steve Teig
President & CTO , Tabula
October 19 2010Advances in Helium Ion Microscope Imaging, Materials Analysis and Nanofabrication
Bill Thompson, Carl Zeiss
September 21 2010SolFocus Concentrator Photovoltaics – An Introduction
Dr. Phil Metz
August 17 2010Controlling light: propagation at the nanometer scale by novel plasmonic and dielectric devices
Jingjing Li
HP Labs
July 20 2010A Picture is Worth a Thousand (DRC) Rules
Michael White
Mentor Graphics
June 15 2010Nanophosphors: Lighting to Life Sciences
Dr. Ravi P Rao
SRI International
May 18 & 19 2010Two Full Days – 6th Annual Symposium: Nanotechnology: State of the Art and Applications 
 State of US Nanotech
Dr. Michael Liehr
VP Strategy CNSE Albany
of Pacific Rim Nanotech

Dr. Shuichi Tahara
Gen. Mgr. Nanoelectronics Res. Labs, NEC Electronics
 State of European Nanotech
Dr. Burton Lee
Stanford Univ
 NanoBio Medical Business
Mark Bunger
Director, Lux Research
  An Incubator Approach to NanoBio Development
Melinda Richter
Executive Director,San Jose BioCenter
Issues – Nanotechnology in Therapeutic Delivery Systems

Bikash Chatterjee
President & CTO, Pharmatech Associates, Inc
 Silicon Nanotech for Medicine
Dr. Mauro Ferrari
Chair, Dept. of Nanomedicine, Univ. Texas
 Nanoelectronics Meets Biology: From Ultrasensitive Detection to Cellular Interfaces
Dr. Charles Lieber
Professor, Harvard
 Engineering Novel Drug Molecules: Replacement of Trial and Error Driven Discovery by Systematic Quantitative Methods
Adityo Prakash
CEO of Verseon
Nano-enabled Solar

James Gee
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Applied Materials, Co.
 Reshaping Portable Power Using Nano Materials
Joe Fisher
CEO, Contour Energy Systems
 Energy Harvesting Systems Using Piezo-electric Macro Fiber Composites
Thomas Daue
President, Smart Material Corporation
 Synthesis and Applications of Conducting Polymer Nanofibers
Dr.Richard B. Kaner
Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA
 Nondistructive 3D Vizualization of Nanoworld
Dr. Wenbing Yun
CTO, Xradia
 Self Aligning Nano Technology for Electronics
Jon Brodd
CEO, Cima Nanotech
 Safely Handling NanoMaterials
Dr. Walter Trybula
IEEE Distinguished Lecturer and Director Nanomaterials
Application Center,Texas State University
 Nanotechnology in Semiconductor Industry
Dr. Hans Stork
VP and CTO Applied Materials
 Laser-direct-write creation of free-standing 3D structures and some biotech applications
Dr. Mike Stuke
Prof. Max Planck Inst.
  Nanofabrication: bottom-up meets top-down
Dr. Joy Cheng
Research Staff Member, Lithography Materials Group, IBM,Almaden Research Center
 From Concept to Creation:
The Journey from R&D to Everyday Products

Dr Jason Hartlove
President and CEO Nanosys, Inc.
 Nanowires for nanoelectronics applications
Dr. Deli Wang
Professor ECE, UCSD
 Novel Materials and Mechanisms for Solar Energy Conversion
Dr. Jeff Neaton
Director, LBNL Molecular Foundry
 Composition graded alloy nanowires for full-spectrum solar cells
Prof. Cun-Zheng Ning
Professor of Electrical Engineering,Center of Nanophotonics-Arizona Institute of NanoElectronics, Arizona State University
April 20 2010NanoImprint – Patterning Storage for Tablets/Netbooks and NanoMedical Applications
Dr. S.V. Sreenivasan
Molecular Imprints
March 16 2010From Butterfly Wings to Energy Efficient Displays
Dr. Rashmi Rao
February 16 2010CeNSE: The Central Nervous System for the Earth.
Dr. Peter G. Hartwell
HP Labs
January 19 2010Beating the Recession, Launching Big Ideas
Mark Bunger
Lux Research

2009 Events

December 15 2009Embedded Molecular Nano-Capacitor
Dr. Ritu Shrivastava
ZettaCore Inc
November 17 20095th Annual Half-Day Symposium: Nanotech-Enabled Energy Generation & Management 
 The Promise Of Thin Film Based Photovoltaic Materials
Dr. Chris Eberspacher
Chief Technologist, Applied Materials Solar Business Group
 Solar-cells By Solution Processing Of CdTe Nanoparticles
Dr. Campbell Scott
IBM Almaden Research Center
 Energy Harvesting Systems Using Piezo-Electric Macro Fiber Composites
Thomas Daue
President,Smart Material Corp.
 Cathode Materials for High Rate Lithium Ion Batteries
Dania Ghantous
Vice President, Technology & Battery Development, Imara Corp.
October 20 2009Opportunities and Challenges with Graphene Production and Application
Dr. Xiaogan Liang
September 15 2009Silicon Inkjet Printed High Efficiency Solar Cells
Homer Antoniadis
August 19 2009Sub-wavelength Dielectric Gratings: A New Handle On Light
Dr. David Fattal
HP Labs
July 21 2009Synthesis and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Nanofibers
Dr. Brett A. Cruden
June 16 2009Nano-Solar cells: Solar Cells of the Future with Nanotechnology
Dr. Jeongwon Park
Applied Materials
May 19 20095th Annual Full Day Symposium: Nanotechnology: Enabling Energy Efficient Electronics 
 Challenges Facing the Incorporation of Nanotechnology in Space Applications
Robert E. Berry
Chairman Emeritus and Systems Fellow, Space Systems Division / Loral
 Silicon Photonics
Mario Paniccia
Intel Fellow and Director of the Photonics Technology Lab, Intel Corp
 Technology Choices, Challenges and Timing Requirements for Nanolithography for the 32nm Node and Beyond
Chris Krautschik
Strategic Technology Manager, Intel Corp.
 Shallow Junction Photonics, Black Si Enhanced Photovoltaics
Martin Pralle
VP, Business Development of SiOnyx
 Energy Efficient Storage and Computation
Chandrasekhar (Spike) Narayan
Functional Manager, Almaden Research Center, IBM
 Energy Technologies with Nanomaterials
Professor, Stanford University
 Roles of R&D in the Current Economy
Prith Banarjee
Director, HP labs and Senior VP, HP
 Finding the Missing Memristor
Stan Williams
Senior HP Fellow and Director of IQSL,HP labs
 Status and Prospects of Integrated Nanophotonics Circuits
Lars Thylen
Professor and Director of Photonics Center, KTH (Royal institute of Sweden)
 Nanomagnet-Based Logic Architecture
Jeff Bokor
Professor, UC Berkeley, and Deputy Director of the Molecular Foundry, LBNL
 Nano and microstructures for low-cost solar energy conversion
Peter Peumans
Professor, Stanford University
April 21 2009Nanotechnology enabled Solid State Lighting for Today and Tomorrow
Dr. Jeff Ramer
March 17 2009Novel Nanomaterial Enabled Devices for Sustainable Energy Harvesting and Utilization
Dr. Bin Chen
February 11 2009The Basic Electronic Componets: Finding the Missing Memristor
Dr. R. Stanely Williams
HP Labs
January 21 2009Nanotechnology State of the Market 2008: Stealth Success, Broad Impact
Mark Bunger
Lux Research

2008 Events

November 18 20084th Annual Half Day Symposium: Nanotechnology, Fueling Our Transportation Future 
 Electric Vehicles – The wide range of EV start-ups and the variety of technology innovations,
from materials to fuel cells to batteries that are spurring this next transportation revolution

Eric Wesoff
Senior Analyst, Greentech Media. Publisher,Venture Power Report
 Industry and government consortium planning and implementing a pre-commercial fuel cell
vehicle demonstration project in California

Catherine Dunwoody
Executive Director California Fuel Cell Partnership
 Development of advanced electrodes coated with the company’s Nano NiFe™ catalysts to
accelerate the production of clean hydrogen for industrial applications

Dr. Kim McGrath
Director of Fuel Cell Research, QuantumSphere Inc.
 Altairnano battery cells are positioned between a super capacitor and a battery
Chet Sandberg
Technical Strategy Manager, Altair Nanotechologies
 Atomic scale design, synthesis, and performance of high rate Li-ion battery materials for PHEVs
and EVs using quantum simulated materials database and search engine technology platform

Deepak Srivastava
Chief Technical Officer, Nanoexa
October 21 200832 nm Node Optical Wafer Inspection: Perspectives and Challenges
Dr. Mehdi Vaez-Iravani
KLA Tencor
September 16 2008Nanotechnology in Emerging Energy Applications / Markets and Applications
Eric Wesoff
Greentech Media
July 15 2008Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Nanotags for Clinical Diagnostics
Dr. Rebecca Golightly
Oxonica Inc.
June 17 2008Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Devices Using Self Assembly Technique And Their Application To Solar Cells
Dr. Geetha R Dholakia
May 20 20084th Annual Full Day Symposium. Nanotech: From Promise To Reality. Nanoscale Electronics below 45nm 
 Lithography Beyond 32nm
Ken Rygler
CMO, Molecular Imprints
 The Future of Nanoscale Devices
Professor Krishna Saraswat
Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
 Design for Manufacturability for Nanometer Nodes: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Kimon Michaels
Founder and VP of Design for Manufacturability, PDF Solutions, Inc
Semiconductor Nanowire Based Nanophotonics

Professor Cun-Zheng Ning
Department of Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University
 3D Imaging Using 20nm X-ray Microscopy
Dr. David Attwood
Director, Center for X-Ray Optics, LBNL
 Carbon Nanotubes for Optoelectronics
Sr. Scientist, Unidym
 Nano-Photonic Silicon Circuits as a Commercial Technology
Professor Eli Yablonovitch
Department of EE & CS, UCB
 Supercapacitors using CNTs
Professor George Gruner
Department of Physics, UCLA
 Synthesis of copper (I) sulfide nanocrystals for photovoltaic application
Dr. Yue Wu
Miller Research fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of California Berkeley
 Vacuum Ultraviolet Tolerance of Nanostructured Polymer/Ceramic Hybrids Coatings for PV Cells
Brian Wells
Sr. Research Associate, Space Research Institute, Auburn University
 A Carbon Nanotube Enabled Nano ChemiSensor Unit
Dr. Jing Li
NASA AMES Research Center
 Virotronics: New Bionanotechnology Enabled Solutions
Professor Seung-Wuk Lee
Department of Bioengineering, UC Berkeley
April 15 2008Potential Community Impacts of Nanotechnology
Sheila Davis
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
March 18 2008Atomic Scale Modeling of Electron Transport in MRAM
Dr. Dimitri Novikovr
CTO, Atomistix Inc
February 19 2008Performance Limitations of Cu/low-k Interconnects and Possible Alternatives
Prof. Krishna Saraswat
January 15 2008Nanotechnology Trends in Nonvolatile Memory Devices
Dr. Gian-Luca Bona

2007 Events

December 18 2007Small Stuff in Search of the Big Bucks: Nanotechnology Commercialization by Sector
Dr. Kristin Abkemeier
Lux Research
November 13 20073rd Annual Half-Day Symposium Nanotech: Imagine the Possibilities 
 The Critical Roles of Academic/Industrial Partnerships and Internships in

Charles Wade
Senior Manager, Scientific Services Science &
Technology, IBM Almaden Research Center
 An Electronically Controlled Release Platform For Studying Cell Behavior
Elizabeth Hager-Barnard
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford
 AFM-Compatible Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscopy
Keji Lai
Dept of Applied Physics and Gaballe Laboratory,Stanford University
 Simulating Novel EM Effects With TEMPEST
Daniel Ceperley
Dept. of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science,UC Berkeley
 Turning Scientific Progress into Tangible Products
Luis Mejia
Senior Associate,
Office of Technology Licensing, Stanford University
 RF Properties Of Carbon Nanofiber Interconnects
Francisco Madriz
Center for Nanostructures, Santa Clara University
 Hyperbranched Lead Selenide Nanowire Networks
Jia Zhu
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
 Characterization of sub-lithographic line patterns from block copolymer selfassembly
using X-Ray reflectivity

Lawrence Wang
Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering, San Jose State
September 18 2007The Missing System of Nanoscale Education
Dr. Nora Sabelli
SRI International
August 21 2007Today’s Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) in Nanotechnology, An introduction for advanced applications of SPM
Allen Gu
Pacific Nanotechnologies
July 17 20073rd Annual All Day Symposium Nanotech: From Promise to Reality 
 Opportunities for Developments in Nanotechnology to Address Energy Issues
Barbara Heydorn
Director, Center of Excellence in Energy, SRI
 Solar Technology and Sustainable Energy
Bill Yerkes
CTO Solaicx, Photovoltaics Industry Pioneer
 Enabling the Mass Production of Biofuels from Photosynthetic Micro-organisms
Guido Radaelli
Vice President, Engineering, Aurora Biofuels
 State of the Cleantech Industry
Ira Ehrenpreis
General Partner, Technology Partners
 Carbon Nanotube Nanofluidics
Olgica Bakajin
Lawrence Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Labs
 Dendrimer Nanotechnology & Water Treatment: Overview & Commercialization
Mamadou Diallo
Director, Molecular Environmental Technology, CIT
 High Throughput, Continuous Flow, Membrane-less Water Filtration
Jeonggi Seo
Research Scientist, Palo Alto Research Center
June 19 2007Polymer Nanocomposites: Fabrication, Characterization and Application
Prof. W. Richard Chung
May 15 2007Integrated optofluidic chips for single molecule analysis
Prof. Holger Schmidt
April 17 2007Vision for a New Silicon Valley Research Model: The Advanced Studies Laboratories (ASL) and the Bio-Info-Nano R&D Institute (BIN-RDI)
David Lackner and Patricia Ponzini
March 20 2007Can Nanotechnology secure the future for Flash memory?
Dr. Christie R. K. Marrian
February 20 2007Nanotechnology: A Report from the Entrepreneur’s Front Line
Dr. Paul A. Dennig
Ahwanee Technologies
January 16 2007Low-Cost Solar Cells Exploiting Solar Ink
Dr. Homer Antoniadis

2006 Events

December 19 2006Nanotechnology commercial trends and forecast for success
Mark Bunger
Lux Research
November 21 20062nd Annual Half Day Symposium, Nanotech: Imagine the Possibilities! Showcasing graduate student research 
 Fast Mass Transport Through Sub-2nm Carbon Nanotubes
Hyung Gyu Park
Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley
 Cell Nanoinjectors Based on Carbon Nanotubes
Xing Chen
Department of Chemistry & Physics, UC Berkeley
 Ordered Nanostructures for Organic Photovoltaics
Vignesh Gowrishankar
Dept of Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford Universty
 Multiferroic Nanostructures for Microwave Applications
Steven Crane
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, UC Berkeley
 Dithiocarbamate-capped Silver Nanoparticles: Synthesis, Spectroscopy, and
Electrochemical Studies

Moony Tong
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UC Santa Cruz
 Characterizing Neuronal Networks Using Carbon Nanotebe Microelectrode Arrays
Edward de Asis
Center for Nanosructures, Santa Clara University
 Genetically Engineered Viruses for Tissue-engineering Scaffolds
Anna Merzlyak
Bioengineering UCB/UCSF; Physical Biosciences LBNL
 Interfacial Interaction Characteristics Between Nanoclay and PolymerMatrix
Karl D. Amo
Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, San Jose State University
 Micro-reservoir Arrays for Chemical Delivery
Jules VanDersarl
Dept of Materials Science & Engineering, Stanford University
October 18 2006The Large and Small of Nanotechnology at UC Berkley
Tom Kalil
UC Berkeley
August 15 2006Prospects for Carbon Nanotubes
Dr. Nasreen Chopra
Smalltech Consulting
July 18 2006Nanoscale Effects of Three ‘ons’: Ions, Electrons, Phonons
Dr. Arun Majumdar
UC Berkeley
June 20 2006MEMS and Point-of Care Medical Diagnostics
Dr. Brian Sullivan
Kumetrix Inc
April 18 2006Composite Organic-Inorganic Nanotags
Dr. Mineo Yamakawa
March 21 2006Applied Nanotechnology & Self-Assembled Monolayer technology
Dr. Charles V. Fishel
Interface Science Corp
March 2 2006Evening Reception, Innovation and Go-To-Market Strategies in a flat world–which nations can we learn from?
Swiss delegates
February 21 2006Nanotechnology is changing the rules; At the edge of a Quantum Revolution
Dr. Marco Fiorentino
HP Labs
January 17 2006Medical Applications of Nanotechnology Challenges & Opportunities
Dr. David J. Loftus

2005 Events

December 20 2005Nanotechnology in Portable Energy Products and Global Competition
Mr. Michael Pak
NanoExa Corporation
November 15 20051st Half Day Symposium: Nanotech: Imagine the Possibilities!, Graduate student research showcased 
 DNA-Templated Nanoparticle Assembly: Programmable Scaffolds
for Nanoscale Devices

Shelley A. Claridge
Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
 Single Nanotube Nanofluidic Transistors
Rong Fan
Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
 Modified Viral Capsids as Targeted Delivery Vectors for Anticancer

Jacob M Hooker
Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
 Enzyme Catalyzed Metallic Nanoparticle Synthesis
Daniel M. Scott
Department of Chemistry, UC Davis
 Self-assembled Ferromagnetic alpha-Fe Nanowires for High-density
Recording Media Applications

Ladan Mohaddes-Ardabili
MSE UC Berkeley
 Impedance Analysis Predicts Nanotube-dipole Antennas and Gives
Necessary Conditions

Ian Lee and Bart Kosko
Dept. of EE, University of Southern California.
 Semiconductor Nanostructures as Subwavelength Optical Elements
for Photonics and Sensing

Donald J. Sirbuly
Ph.D. Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley
 Plasma-enhanced CVD Carbon Nanofibers for Interconnect Via

Quoc Ngo
Center for Nanostructures, Santa Clara University
June 21 2005Nanotechnology at Chevron
Dr. Qureshi
Chevron Ventures
April 22 2005Panel Discussion “Organic Electronics on Flexible Substrates” MIT Stanford Berkeley Nano Forum
April 19 2005Synergy of CMOS, MEMS and Nanotechnology in Probe Storage Devices
Dr. Nickolai Belov
Nanochip Corporation
March 22 2005Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Dr. Yoshio Nishi
Stanford Nanofab
February 15 2005Nanoimprint Lithography and Applications at Hewlett-Packard
Dr. Wei Wu
HP Labs
January 18 2005Government Support for Nanotechnology in Silicon Valley
Mike Honda
US Congressman

2004 Events

January 18 2005Government Support for Nanotechnology in Silicon Valley
Mike Honda
US Congressman
November 16 2004An Overview of Nanotechnology Research at HP with Focus on Nanoscale Molecular Memories
Dr. S. Y. Wang
HP Labs
October 26 2004Applications of Encoded Nanoparticles
Ian Walton
Nanoplex Technologies
September 16 2004Nanomaterials Synthesis and Deposition – An Overview of NanoGram’s Platform
Shiv Chiruvolu
NanoGram Corporation
August 16 2004Atomic Force Microscope and Carbon Nanotube Probes
Cattien V. Nguyen