IUS 2016: Booth N° 13

Us4us Ltd. is a spin-off company of the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (Poland), created by a group of researchers and engineers interested in developing and providing high-tech ultrasonic instrumentation to the research community.

Our flagship product is the Versatile Ultrasound Research Platform. The system is an all-in-one solution featuring 192-channels TX/RX (extensible to 512+), real-time data transfer of 9GB/s, embedded PC, and up to 4 GPU boards. The provided software framework enables the end-user to implement their own algorithm using standard Nvidia® CUDA/OpenCL tools, as well as perform acquisition using simple Matlab® and Python scripts. The Platform is a tool for real-time evaluation of advanced image processing algorithms – including synthetic aperture, plane wave imaging and vector Doppler.

We have also developed a portable, low-cost 32-channel ultrasound research system targeted to lower budget applications and biomedical engineering education.

Us4us company is dedicated to providing advanced electronic design services, as well as R&D for medical and industrial applications of ultrasound. Our know-how and experience in quality management systems ISO-9001/ISO-13485 enable us to develop medical devices.

Onsite contact:
Dr Marcin Lewandowski – CEO
Tel:  +48 501 508 731