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Cephasonics is a medical- and industrial-device technology leader utilizing ultrasound and the power of the cloud to bring about the ubiquitous adoption of ultrasound-based measurement products that improve the quality of life. Launched with a management buyout in March 2012 and headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Cephasonics’ ultrasound technology, including its AutoFocus™ beamforming technology, has won multiple industry awards for innovation.

Your Idea to Product Realization

Our open architecture and flexible cQuest™ embedded-ultrasound platform, scalable to 4096 channels, empowers our customers to achieve their goals whether they’re developing innovative products or performing advanced research. Clinical-quality imaging capability is a hallmark of all of our cQuest Ultrasound™ products and this is requisite when moving from experimental devices in the lab to diagnostic products used in clinics. Many customers tell us that customer support is the best part of the Cephasonics experience. Our friendly, responsive staff is experienced in all aspects of ultrasound systems design.


Embedded-Ultrasound Platforms, High-Channel-Count (HCC) Ultrasound Systems, Ultra-fast Imaging Capability, Clinical-Quality Imaging Capability, Parallel Beamforming, Channel Capture (Full Matrix Capture), Medical Imaging and Measurement, Ultrasound Research, Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing, Transducer Development.

Onsite contact:
Richard J. Tobias
Tel: +1-408-858-4007
Email: rjjt (@) cephasonics.com