Philips Ultrasound

Philips Ultrasound

IUS 2016: Booth N° 27

Since 1997, Philips Ultrasound Shanghai (Philips US SHA) have been dedicated in providing OEM Ultrasound Transducers. We are an innovative and technological company that owns a number of patents from sensor design, transducer technology to manufacturing processes. Over 400,000 pieces of High Quality Transducers have been shipped from our headquarter in Shanghai to the customers around the globe.

Our portfolio leverages the global Ultrasound trends and offers versatility across an extended range of clinical applications with outstanding performance, customer service and global warranty. Product Quality and Safety are always on the top of our agenda, supported by a full compliance and certification from FDA, ISO, CE.

At Philips US SHA, we start with the needs of care providers and patients because understanding their experiences ensures that we create solutions best suit their needs.
We are dedicated to understanding the challenges you face – and working together with you to overcome them.
We are committed to providing value greater than parts, and to sharing your commitments with your customers and maximize your return of investment.
Philips US SHA has designed sophisticated yet ergonomic friendly transducers that offer exceptional image quality and superior overall performance.

Onsite contact:
Wynn Zhu
Email: wynn.zhu @
Tel: +86 13761209331