IUS 2016: Booth N° 8

IMASONIC designs, develops and manufactures ultrasonic transducers for high socio-economic added-value applications, including Monitoring, Diagnosis and Therapy (HIFU) in the medical field and Measurement (flow and distance) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in the industrial field.

Most of IMASONIC transducers are custom-designed in order to meet the specific requirements of each customer and each application. They can be developed as single element or Phased arrays (linear, annular or matrix arrays), as unique prototype or built in series, from 200 kHz and up to 20 MHz. They are based on a proprietary piezocomposite technology.

IMASONIC is an independent, privately owned company, willing to collaborate over the long term with its customers and partners according to its vocation:
• To act for the benefit of man and his environment, in particular in the interests of health, safety and quality,
• To advance the profession of designer and manufacturer of ultrasound transducers and to do this creatively, innovatively and productively,
• To increase recognition of the company and its leading position through the quality of its relationships with customers and partners.

Located in the east of France, close to Switzerland, in a region famous for its microtechnologies and watch industry, the company has 92 employees and moved to new premises (2007) which have been even recently enlarged (3900 m² to date). IMASONIC is ISO9001: 2008 certified and exports around 80% of its total turnover to all five continents.

Onsite contact:
Mr Olivier Le Baron
Tel: + 33 381403130