The annual 2016 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium will be held at the VINCI Convention Center, TOURS, FRANCE, from September, 18-21, 2016. Oral and poster presentation formats will be used at the symposium. Papers are solicited for this conference describing original work in the field of ultrasonics from the following subject classifications:


Group 1: Medical Ultrasonics
MBB Medical Beamforming and Beam Steering
MBE Biological Effects & Dosimetry
MBF Blood Flow Measurement
MCA Contrast Agents
MEL Elastography
MIM Medical Imaging
MPA Medical Photoacoustics
MSD System & Device Design
MSP Medical Signal Processing
MTC Medical Tissue Characterization
MTH Therapeutics, Hyperthermia, and Surgery
Group 2: Sensors, NDE & Industrial Applications NAF Acoustics Microfluidics
NAI Acoustic Imaging
NAM Acoustic Microscopy
NAS Acoustic Sensors
NDE General NDE Methods
NEH Energy Harvesting
NFM Flow Measurement
NMC Material & Defect Characterization
NPA Photoacoustics
NPC Process Control
NSP Signal Processing
NTD Transducers: NDE and Industrial
NUA Underwater Acoustics
NWP Wave Propagation
Group 3: Physical Acoustics
PAT Acoustic Tweezers and Particle Manipulation
PNL Nonlinear Acoustics
PGP General Physical Acoustics
POA Opto-acoustics
PPN Phononics
PTF Thin Films
PMI Magnetic/Electromagnetic Interactions
PUM Ultasonic Motors & Actuators
Group 4: Microacoustics: SAW, FBAR, MEMS
ADA Device Applications
ADD Device Design
ADM Device Modeling
AMP Materials & Propagation
AMS Microacoustic Sensor Devices & Applications
Group 5: Tranducers & Transducer Materials
TMC Materials Fabrication and Characterization
TMO Modeling (Analytical & Numerical)
TFT Thin and Thick Piezoelectric Films
TMU Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers
TMI Biomedical Diagnostic and Imaging Transducers
TTT Biomedical Therapeutic Transducers
THF Front-end and Integrated Electronics
TFI High Frequency Transducers
TPF Applications of Piezoelectrics & Ferroelectrics