Kolo Medical

Kolo Medical

IUS 2016: Booth N° 23
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Kolo Medical, Inc. is the world leader in optimizing CMUT technology to develop a commercial line of SiliconWaveTM probes. Our goals are to improve imaging, resolution, and performance for academic, research, and clinical applications. At last year’s IEEE, we introduced the first commercially available CMUT transducers, which over the past months proved themselves in the areas of research. Our high frequency, high resolution technology continues to established a new standard for diagnostic imaging. With our introduction of several new transducers with breakthrough designs at this year’s IEEE, Kolo Medical continues to develop SiliconWaveTM probes to address better clinical imaging and diagnosis, exceeding the performance of traditional PZT technology, open new frontiers of ultrasound imaging, and establish new standards for diagnostic excellence.

We invite you to visit our booth at this year’s IEEE, and see what you’ve never seen before. Speak with our engineers and let us tell you what Kolo Medical is doing to change the game in transducer technology.

List of Key elements/features to display at IEEE:
1) High and ultra-high frequency ultrasound array transducers for high-quality clinical imaging
2) Novel matrix array transducer for imaging difficult patients
3) Live imaging demonstration

Onsite contact:
John Easton
Email: john @ kolomedical.com
Tel: +1 2063051137