IUS 2016: Booth N° 9
www: http://www.s-sharp.com/

S-Sharp is dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions to preclinical and clinical research ultrasound. Our core competence is the ability to leverage rapid advancement of electronics technologies and powerful software computations into biomedical ultrasound and to address our customer’s needs.

Our preclinical ultrasound imaging product, Prospect, in an open platform designed to streamline the workflow and enhance the quality of small animal research. In addition, Prospect’s unique imaging technologies, including shear wave elasticity measurements and Analog Doppler, assist users to perform high quality preclinical research that was not possible before.

On the other hand, our array ultrasound imaging product, Prodigy, allows real-time channel data acquisition for transducer arrays up to 512 channels. It has an integrated high performance GPU and an ultrasound pulse sequence (UPS) interface for real-time implementation of complex imaging algorithms with user-defined transmit /receive sequences. Furthermore, Prodigy USB, our newly lunched portable 64-channel array ultrasound imaging product that shares the same core technologies and innovations. It’s aimed to provide the highest research values to most people in need.

Onsite contact:
Mike Cheng
Email: mike.cheng @ s-sharp.com
Tel: +886 988 580 596