Acoustic Life Science

Acoustic Life Science

IUS 2016: Booth N° 15

Acoustic Life Science Co., Ltd. (ALS) is a high-tech company dedicated to the research, develop, production and application of advanced medical ultrasound technology.
With cutting-edge technology, professional management team and comprehensive facilities, ALS is a fast-growing company specialized in ultrasound probe technology. We value our talents, patents, as well as key techniques, which are the cornerstones to enable the sustainable development of the company.
With expertise on composite and single crystal technology, ALS is specialized on high-end medical imaging ultrasound probes. We provide a variety of selection on phased array, linear array and curved array, with an expanding portfolio on high frequency products for Ophthalmology, Interventional and small animal applications.
ALS is dedicated to innovate and develop state-of-the-art techniques to deliver next generation medical ultrasound products to our customers.

Key products

Single crystal transducers

  • phased array (2.7MHz, 80 Elements)
  • curved array (3.2MHz, 192 Elements)
Piezocomposite transducers

  • Linear array (7.5MHz, 256 Elements)
  • Linear array (10MHz, 128 Elements)
High frequency transducers

  • 20 ~ 60 MHz single-element transducer
  • 20 ~ 40MHz multi-beam array

Onsite contact:
Ma Xiaowen
Email: (@)
Tel: +86 13564988092