Invited Speakers

Group 1 Medical Ultrasonics

Dr. Ine Lentacker : Ultrasound triggered mRNA delivery to dendritic cells – towards an in vivo cancer vaccination strategy
Dr. Hairong Zheng : Ultrasonic Neuromodulation: Evidence From Neuron To Animal Model
Dr. Cyril Lafon : Development of an implantable ultrasonic device for enhancing the delivery of chemotherapy to the brain
Dr. Olivier Couture : Super-resolution imaging
Dr. Sreekanth Chalasani : Sonogenetics- a non invasive approach to manipulating neurons in vivo
Dr. Paul Dayton : Acoustic Angiography – Superharmonic Contrast Imaging to Assess Angiogenesis as a Biomarker of Cancer

Group 2 Sensors, NDE & Industrial application

Dr. Jerker Delsing : Concepts and Architecture for a Thumb Size Ultrasonic IoT Measurement System
Dr. Eric Lindgren : SHM/NDE Challenges and Opportunities: A USAF Perspective
Dr. Jafar Saniie : Time-Frequency Analysis for Ultrasonic Echo Detection and Parameter Estimation

Group 3 Physical acoustics

Dr. Laurence J. Jacobs : Nonlinear Ultrasonics for Material State Awareness
Dr. Alex Maznev : Interaction of surface acoustic waves with microparticles
Dr. Martin D. Verweij : Numerical Modeling of Nonlinear Ultrasound

Group 4 Micro-acoustics SAW, FBAR, MEMS

Dr. Tao Han :
Recent research results on wireless passive acoustic sensors and their application
Dr. Josef Hausner :
 5G Mobile Radio Frontend Architectures”
Dr. Clemens Ruppel, retired from TDK Group:
 30 Years of Acoustic Wave Technology

Group 5 Transducers and transducers material

Dr. Shin-ichiro Umemura : High intensity focused ultrasound treatments
Dr. David Horsley : Ultrasonic finger print sensor base on PMUT
Dr. Flavien Daloz : Additive manufacturing and automated processing