Sonic Concepts

Sonic Concepts Inc

IUS 2016: Booth N° 24

Sonic Concepts, Inc. manufactures high-power, wide-bandwidth ultrasound transducers and related equipment. SCI supplies single- or multi-element transducers, as well as annular, linear, and 2D arrays, transmit electronics, passive cavitation detectors, high-intensity hydrophones, radiation force balances, water degassing equipment, and more. SCI supports customer orders from initial prototyping into full-scale production.

Onsite contact:

Kyle Morrison – President,
Email: kmorrison @
Tel: +1 206-419-8806
Theresa Forseth – Director of Operations
E-mail: tforseth @
Tel: +1 206-755-3076

Products to be featured during IUS 2016
HIFU transducers (single-element and arrays)
Transducer Power Output™ series electronics
Ultrasound Engineering & Manufacturing services