Precision Acoustics

Precision Acoustics

IUS 2016: Booth N° 21

Precision Acoustics over 25 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of equipment for measuring ultrasound

Located in Dorchester in the South West of England, the company which was formed in 1997 specialises in the research and development of ultrasound test equipment used extensively in the QA of medical devices, to provide industry with ultrasonic NDT and within academia and national measurement institutes throughout the world.

When it comes to measuring ultrasound in the frequency range 40kHz to 50MHz, Precision Acoustics is regarded world- wide as a leading global supplier of products to measure acoustic pressure and intensity. These products include:

Pressure / Intensity Measurements
Power Measurements
Acoustic Absorbers & Syntactic Foams
Piezo-electric Materials
Ultrasonic Transducers
3D Scanning Tanks

In addition the company offers consultancy for transducer development and acoustic measurement services:

Expanding Business in 2016
Following an agreeable change in ownership and structure of the company in 2015 there are plans to expand the business from its current 300 sqm location to a 600+ sqm base in order to cope with the increasing demand for its products and services.

Wealth of expertise at Precision Acoustics
The management team includes an enormous wealth of experience in the areas of acoustic measurement, piezo polymer and piezo ceramic materials, fibre optic hydrophones and acoustic calibration and measurement.

The company works closely with the research and metrology establishments around the world to further ultrasound research and assist in the development of international standards within ultrasonics.

Onsite contact:
Andrew Hurrell
Email:pa (@)
Tel: +44 1305 264669