IUS 2016: Booth N° 2

Our mission
kibero`s mission is to provide non-invasively morphological and functional insight into biological samples with unpreceeded resolution, contrast and imaging depth. Our imaging systems provide valuable information for research, development and quality control.

Our history
The company was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT). The company’s focus is the development and implementation of very high frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging systems in the field of life sciences. The imaging systems cover a frequency range from 50 MHz to 2 GHz.

kibero’s success started with the product line SASAM©, which was developed at Fraunhofer IBMT and subsequently licensed exclusively to kibero. Further milestones in the companie’s development were the introduction of the first photoacoustic clinical imaging system SKINSPECTION US/OA, the microimaging system AMI and the latest preclinical product lines for photoacoustic and acoustic microscopy easyPAM and easySAM.

Our future
Through strong involvement in cooperative research and client specific customization kibero ensures enhancement and refinement of its existing products according to the customer’s needs.

Our services
The company develops customized systems such as ultra high frequency transmit receiver systems, high frequency transducers, signal processing algorithms, and complete software solutions.

Onsite Contact:
Dr. Robert Lemor
Email: robert.lemor (@)
Tel: +49 681 94074620