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ONDA is the global leader in ultrasound measurement instrumentation and services. Our products are used to acoustically test devices in the medical, industrial, and electronic markets. Over 3,000 hydrophones have been used around the world to support a broad range of applications including medical imaging, therapeutic ultrasound, ultrasonic cleaning, and non-destructive testing.

Onda has served over 1,000 unique customers in over 35 countries representing Fortune 10 companies, government research centers, and the most prominent universities. Onda also provides services to design, develop, test, calibrate, and manufacture the most complex ultrasonic devices. Our capability is backed by a fully equipped machine shop with advanced CNC tooling, a complete digital electronics laboratory, and an acoustic measurement laboratory.

Our vision is to be the preferred and most trusted resource for measurements and adaptations of ultrasound in industrial, medical, and academic applications, worldwide.


·       Hydrophones & Preamplifiers

·       Scanning Systems

·       Radiation Force Balances

·       Water Conditioning Systems

·       Reference Transducers

·       Schlieren Acoustic Imaging

·       HIFU Phantom Gels

·       Cavitation Meters


·       Acoustic Calibrations

·       Exploratory Measurements

·       Regulatory Measurements

·       Acoustic Simulations

·       Transducer Development

·       Contract Manufacturing


·       Intravascular Doppler Probes

·       Diagnostic Imaging

·       Therapeutic HIFU

·       Physiotherapy

·       Lithotripsy

·       Ultrasonic Cleaning

·       Cavitation R&D

·       Non-Destructive Testing

·       Wire Bonding

·       Sono-processing

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Petrie Yam – VP Sales and Marketing
Email: py (@) ondacorp.com
Tel: +1 408-745-0383