18 Jan


The 2016 IEEE international Ultrasonics Symposium in Tours, France, will host for the first time a student-industry networking event. The motivation is to connect students close to graduation with jobs in industry.

Why have this event?

The motivation is to retain the great talent we observe each year attending the annual conference in a related field beyond graduation. The field of ultrasound, physical acoustics and related material research requires training and dedication to make it to the level to present scientific work at the annual conference and these contributions are the basis of a innovative and dynamic society. The vast job opportunities in the field of acoustics are often unknown to students, and this event tries to address this by very specifically introducing a prospective student to open jobs.

How does it work?

The event will take place on Sunday, September 18th from 5 pm to 6.45 pm at the VINCI Convention Center. The actual event will consist of a 90 min slot, in which 25 students will be each allotted 3 min to present their profile to industry members with open positions. A one page slide master is provided that will contain your contact information, graduation date, skills and interests. Use of this template ensures all students to have the same time and opportunity.

After the 90 mins of presentations, there will be a social mixer with snacks and drinks during which the students and industry members can mix. The idea is that from the information provided during the presentations industry members take down the contact information of prospective students and can either approach them during the social mixer or contact them later on.

For more information connect to the page dedicated to the Student-Industry Network Event: http://site.ieee.org/ius-2016/uffc-student-industry-network-event/