Workathon 7.0


What is Workathon 7.0 ?

It is a first ever technical workshops competition for all IEEE student women in engineering (WIE) affinity groups of Pakistan.


Workathon 7.0 is designed for Pakistani IEEE WIE Affinity Groups (AGs) which is meant to

  • Improve  quality of technical activities of IEEE WIE AGs
  • Amplify knowledge sharing process of any workshop by reviving the casual norms
  • Provide an opportunity to IEEE WIE AGs  to learn leadership, team work and innovation
  • Make the IEEE WIE AGs to understand strengths/weaknesses
  • Make all the student IEEE WIE AGs to learn from each other
  • Ensure quality trainer-trainee interaction  which will result in  revival of  knowledge sharing process .


It is divided into two different phases

  • Phase1- Submitting a report of the best executed workshop by  in previous 7-12 months  .Deadline of Phase 1 is   1 December, 2015 | 07:00 pm PST 
  • Phase2- Designing a workshop on a given theme , making it innovative  , executing in a given timeline , submitting report and waiting for the competition results . Deadline  of Phase 2 is  31 December 2015 | 11:59 pm PST.

Report  winning student WIE student AG will be certified and awarded with prize money by IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum 

We wish good luck to all the participating Affinity Groups 🙂