Meetings Attended


Eight delegates from Pakistan at-tended the IEEE Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress that was held from 7-10 July 2011 at the University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. Pakistani delegates proved to be among the most active participants of the congress, standing out with nearly every delegate delivering presentations at this prestigious event. IEEE geographic and GOLD/WIE Forums were held on the 2nd day i.e., Friday July 8th, 2011. The delegates were divided into groups to hold discussions specific to their geographic areas. These discussions were con-ducted by Takako Hashimoto, Professor Susmita Sur-Kolay, Dr.Rachana Garg, and Zuhaina. There Ms Mehvish Zahoor shared the success story of Pakistan WIE Forum and explained the structure of this forum to the WIE members of R10. Some projects which are related to WIE Activities in Pakistan were also shared. Employers (and other parties) presented stalls in the atrium. R10 WIE had also arranged a stall in which Pakistan WIE Forum contributed through posters, videos displayed on the stall and Ms Mehvish Zahoor, Chairperson IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum presented WIE benefits to visitors as well as distributed “Pakistan WIE Newsletter.” The Pakistan WIE Newsletter was printed out with the support of Om Parkash Batra and Madam Takako and was distributed among all congress delegates.

On 3rd Day 9th July 2011 Ms Mehvish Zahoor presented on the topic “Female Empowerment in our Culture.” She explained that Pakistan WIE Forum, with its expanded network all over the country, envisions conducting surveys in Pakistan, and working on the appropriate solutions to those problems. She also said that we envisage changing the rigidity of our culture and converting our country into a progressive nation. This can be replicated in many Asian countries like India, Bangladesh etc. She explained the attendees that we’ve planned to establish three operational networks on pre-university, university and professional level. Through the platform of IEEE, Paki-stan WIE Forum will create links between students and the industry. These groups will provide guidance at that specific level and also educate the community about opportunities and challenges will young female face. Not only this, these net-works will include new potential and use them to work for the best solutions of the problems.


Annual General Meeting – Lahore Section

Mehvish zahoor attended the Annual General Meeting held at GC University on December 20, 2011 and presented an opportunity for interaction and exchange of information with fellow members. The IEEE Lahore Section annual report was presented by the ChairmanDr Shafay Shamail. Mehvish, Chair IEEE PWF, presented annual report 2010-11 to IEEE Lahore Section. shee presented a summary of the events, activities, projects and achievements of PWF over the past year. He also highlighted some activities planned for the future such as PMP and SIT.


This Congress was meant for the recent graduates and graduating persons to interact with industry leaders and entrepreneurs. It included sessions on several themes such as innovation, entrepreneurship, resume and career building. It featured talks and panel discussions by eminent industry leaders as well as several team building, expertise sharing activities. All of the sessions were very interactive and different strategies had been fruitfully implemented to maintain the interest of the audience.

The University of Faisalabad in collaboration with IEEE GOLD Lahore section arranged this congress for graduates in Faisalabad. The Congress was attended by many esteemed figures from all over Pakistan.


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