Workathon 7.0 Phase 2


Workathon 7.0 is the first ever technical workshops competition powered by IEEE Pakistan Women in Engineering Forum for all IEEE student women in engineering (WIE) affinity groups of Pakistan. It’s phase 1 was conducted in November 2015 and second phase will be happening in this December from 10 to 31.

You can find further details of Workathon 7.0  here

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Only IEEE Student WIE Affinity groups (AGs ) of Pakistan can participate
  2. All participating AGs must have their AG formation petition approved or submitted for approval
  3. The instructions , theme and timeline of Workathon 7.0 must be strictly followed


The theme of Workathon 7.0 Phase 2  is an  ‘hour of code‘ which  is a global movement powered by reaching tens of millions of coding learners in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event to make sure that anyone can learn programming and  anyone can understand , interact and better utilize the digital perks .

191,029 Hour of Code events  are happening around the world with 221 events in Pakistan

How to participate ?

You need to organize a workshop following all below mentioned 7 steps to participate in Workathon 7.0

Step 1- Define your audience 

Be creative in choosing your audience . It can be university/pre-university students , orphans , child laborers , doctors , bankers etc. Your trainees can be between 10 to 100.

Step 2- Choose a venue

You can execute  your workshop online or in real world. For online , you need to make sure that all trainees are equally trained.In physical space , It can be your own institute / pre-univesity  computer lab , any industry , hospital , cafeteria etc

Step 3- Set content

Be specific and choosy. You can go for any programming language  or visual programming depending upon your audience and objective. You can go for 1 to 5 days workshop while the 1 day workshop must be of 3 hours at least .You can also arrange training resource(s) in soft or hard form by trainer’s assistance. Don’t forget this year’s Workathon 7.0 theme is #hourofcode.

  1. For trainees with age range 10-18 , go for visual programming [ corresponding guidance can be found here ]
  2. For trainees above 18 , go for  any programming language
  3. Do not go for combination of both A and B

Step 4- Find a trainer

Depending upon the activity , you need to have a trainer having enough skills to train the chosen trainees. The trainer needs to be interactive and a good speaker as well.

Step 5-  Make sure about all Logistics

  • Have approval of Workathon 7.0 execution by the chosen venue administration.
  • Depending upon the audience , you can set registration fees and  have some well defined registration method.
  • You can also get your activity sponsored for refreshment , media coverage , printing etc.

Step 6- Shout out

On event execution day , you would need to tweet your activity with  2-5 activity pics by following hashtags

  •  #Hourofcode
  • #DigitalPakistan
  • #CodeforPeace
  • #IEEE
*Your twitter activity will be well monitored*


Step 7- Be a champ

Submit your whole activity report here by 31 December 11:59 PM Pakistan Standard Time .And wait for results .The winning student IEEE WIE AG will be awarded with prize money and certificates by IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum

Evaluation Criteria


Any query ?

If you have any query/suggestion, please write us at .

Rock the world girls !