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IEEE CREATE (Center Of Research In Engineering And Advancement Of Technology) UET Peshawar, IEEE Sub-Section, organized an orientation seminar on the BENEFITS OF IEEE and WIE (WOMEN IN ENGINEERING) MEMBERSHIPS, in UET Peshawar on December 3, 2012 for the students of University Of Engineering And Technology, Peshawar and CECOS University Peshawar.

The prime objective for this event was to brief the students about Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) role in our fraternity and its enlighten them about its benefits for the student members in their educational degree program and professional careers. Another part of this session was the introduction to the Women In Engineering network in Pakistan and across the globe where the female students can be introduced to the volunteering opportunities regarding the projects being carried out by Pakistan WIE Forum.

The program started with the joint presentation of IEEE CREATE Chair Sherfgan and Vice Chair Bilal Asghar Farooqi followed by a healthy activity and Q/A session in which they answered participants’ innovative questions.The second part of the orientation was about the role of Women In Engineering in our society and in the educational and technical strength of Pakistan. As we believe in the concept women empowerment, we as a national have carry the responsibility of educating our females and allowing them play their role in the development of the scientific and technological structure of our country.Our guest speaker was Ms. Sidra Farooq, a Computer System Engineer from UET Peshawar, currently working as an executive member of the IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum. Sidra contributes to the Pakistan WIE Forum in developing, updating and maintaining their website. She shared her fruitful thoughts and her experiences with Women in Engineering (WIE) society and elucidated the participants about this brighter side of IEEE to which they were unaware. She explained the strong networking of the females working in different cities all across Pakistan, striving for the same cause-promotion and empowerment of Women In Engineering. She highlighted the different projects being carried out under the banner of Pakistan WIE Forum and explained how they can be a part of them and play their role in strengthening women in engineering.

The later part was Ahsan Hamid’s presentation on upcoming events of IEEE CREATE. The orientation ended with the display of an interesting video of the past events organized by IEEE CREATE and with the hope that IEEE CREATE will work for the fostering of technology providing equal opportunities and platform to the future engineers of Pakistan in collaboration with WIE.

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