Ad-Hoc Com

Initially the Ad-Hoc Committee was formed. The involvement and working of participants was closely observed during the summit. Those with  active participation ,friendly and understanding attitude, enthusiastic about WIE and had great experiences of IEEE activities were selected to be the part of First Ad-Hoc Committee

Mentor of Forum

Madam Durdana Habib

-MS (CE), NUST, Rawalpindi (1999) & BS (EE), UET, Lahore (1983)


Madam Asma Adeel

-Counselor, IEEE-NFC (IEEE Lahore Section)

Mis Anam Ansari

-WIE Coordinator KHI Section (Sindh & Baluchistan)

IEEE Lahore Section

Hira Fayyaz

-GC University, Lahore (GCUL)

Shalra Ijaz


Mehvish Zahoor

-GC University, Faisalabad (GCUF)

Talat Noreen

-Islamic University Bahawalpur

Benazir Peter

-GC University, Faisalabad (GCUF)

IEEE Islamabad Section

Fatima Imdad

-FAST NUCES-Islamabad

Mehak Akhlaq

-FAST NUCES-Islamabad

IEEE Karachi Section

Rabia Khalid

-Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi (NUST)

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