A Pakistani Woman Engineer With Another Award in Year 2015

Her revival is always followed by some gigantic social revival.This is what  the inspiring success stories of many Pakistani women belonging to different professions has taught the world today. Recently, another such story is crafted by Miss Kiran Abbas , a young Electrical Engineer from University of Engineering and Technology Taxila , for being awarded  with ‘Global IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) Inspiring Student Member of the year 2015 ‘ award for her dedication and hardwork for Women in STEM. From technical inspirations to social responsibilities , Miss Abbas has played wonderful role towards women empowerment by ‘Advancement of technology for humanity’ as directed by IEEE.

Miss Abbas, Vice Chairperson IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum (PWF), during a session in UET Taxila

Miss Abbas, Vice Chairperson IEEE Pakistan WIE Forum (PWF), during a session in UET Taxila


But wait this ‘leadership-oriented’ recognition is one of the few achievements made by  IEEE Pakistan WIE Affinity Group.As Pakistani women volunteers in IEEE have set big milestones since IEEE was launched in Pakistan. Founded in 2005, IEEE Pakistan WIE Affinity Group started it’s journey by it’s first Student Affinity group initiated in FAST NUCES Lahore Campus under the worthy leadership of Dr. Durdana Habib , Grace Hopper Celebration Change Agent ABIE   Award Bearer in 2014 and first female engineer from University of Engineering and Technology  Lahore. Till date , more than 20 WIE affinity groups are operating in top Engineering and Technology universities in Capital Islamabad and in different provinces of Pakistan including Punjab, Sindh and KPK .In addition to national and international technical activities , IEEE Pakistan Women are working on social innovative projects to play their utmost role towards female community belonging to  underprivileged areas.For this , nationwide projects like iUstaad (an ICT training program for female teachers of rural areas schools ), Cybertahaffuz(a cyber ethics awareness program) , wolog(south asian women blog), Workathon 7.0 (an event management training program to increase quality of technical workshops accompanied by series of sessions in IT and Engineering ) would be launched in mid of year 2015.In addition to this , IEEE Pakistan WIE members are also working to conduct some more academic initiatives for professional and technical grooming of students as IEEE Pakistan Student Computing Congress was recently conducted by another inspiring lady Asma Sajid. All such stories would encourage women in Pakistan to play their worthy role in development of their green land to make it more prosperous.

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