1st Ex-Com


Mehvish Zahoor

MS Biotechnology -GCUF 

IEEE Lahore Section

I became a  part of IEEE because I wanted to do something out of the box. I had always dreamed of providing female engineers a platform where they could show their talents and get acknowledged for their potentials & working skills

Vice Chairperson

Fatima Imdad

BS Telecommunication Engineering – FAST NUCES

IEEE Islamabad Section

IEEE is different from other societies because it not only provides us with a platform to share our thoughts but it also lets us to interact with people from all over the world.


Maryam Saeed

MS Telecommunication Engineering – SEECS

IEEE Islamabad Section

I joined IEEE to connect with the smart brains around the world. Its surprising to meet new people everyday and learn about the vast fields that they have worked in. IEEE is the window to the world of science, technology and innovation.

Treasurer/ PMP Lead


Anum Javed

MS Electrical Engineering UET

Lahore Section

I expect the IEEE membership growth to accelerate world wide as IEEE continues to develop new products and services and as members continue to spread the word to their professional colleagues.

Website Administrator


Sana Syed

(B.E) Computer & Information Systems Engineering- NED University

Karachi Section

When I became a part of this global network, IEEE, I found valuable opportunities to see my career in the right direction& a great experience to manage & organize information & to handle events at professional levels.

Newsletter Editor

Rabia Khalid

(B.E) Electronics Engineering – PNEC NUST

Karachi Section

IEEE is one of the best things that has happened to me so far. As a part of this organization, I feel like being connected to the entire world & now WIE provided me the platform to reach out to the entire country. Its like an arena where you can reach out to everything of your own interest.

Executive Member

Ammara Ghani

UET Peshawar – Lahore Seection

Ms. Ammara Ghani, a UET Peshawar graduate, is the first member of the Pakistan WIE Forum from Pakistan’s Sub-section. She joined Pak WIE Forum on Oct 23,’11 & is appointed as the Peshawar Subsection Coordinator. Ammara Ghani is currently working on an IEEE Pakistan Professional’s Network with the name of “SiT” (She in Technology). Her project idea was also presented at the Annual General Meeting Lahore’12 and was very much appreciated.

Website Team

Sehrish Asif

BSCS(hons)- Government College University, Lahore Section.

Madiha Khalid

BSCS(hons)- Government College University, Lahore Section.

Faize Sajid

BSCS(hons)- Government College University, Lahore Section.

Newsletter Team

Hudaisa Afzal

Karachi Section

Fatma Faruq

Islamabad Section

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