What is CyberTahaffuz?

Cyber Tahaffuz  (Tahaffuz an Urdu language word that means Protection) as the name suggests it is one of its kind project devised especially for girls to educate them with sea of cyber opportunities and to identify the risks they are facing while using Cyber oriented softwares , servers , sites and applications.

What we do?

Our vision for this project is to reach out to young women of Pakistan and educate them regarding cyber security issues yet this project is not limited to the education of women, our mission is to make Pakistan digitally safe in every possible way. Starting from school level to UG level.

The following elements would be included in the project

  1. Cyber security awareness: A seminar which will focus on how people are affected by cybercrimes worldwide, what are the stats of Cyber Crimes in Pakistan and worldwide , What type of crimes are committed worldwide.
  2. Cyber child protection: A program for Schools/College level students in which teams of volunteers would visit different schools and giving training on how to stay safe online. Internet is the basic necessity but the problem is our young generation is not only wasting time using this facility yet it is creating many other problems for the immature minds.
  3. I Agree: While installing new software and application we just simply click I agree to the terms and conditions provide yet we never actually read it and if we do we would never agree, An initiative which will identify the such terms and conditions which exploit ones privacy.
  4. No to Cyber Bullying: An ethical training for youngsters-As youngsters we might find it fascinating to bully others , be it calling them by names on internet or posting stuff that might hurt them pictures , videos and personal chats. Yet we never consider what harm we are causing. There are some cases where individuals committed suicide after facing such stuff.
  5. CyberTahaffuz Ecompingn: An e-education campaign in which we will share videos of different cases that happened within Pakistan also the interviews and voices of those girls who suffered yet survived and a few who lost their lives.
  6. Workshops Some hands-on technical workshops will be conducted to connect to the emerging opportunities of digital era

How to contribute?

It is a volunteer based project where students and professionals can contribute

  1. Become a CyberMuhaffiz Ambassadors and Volunteers of CyberTahaffuz are known as ‘CyberMuhaffiz’. As a CyberMuhaffiz your job includes organizing seminars on Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security and promoting the practices of Staying Safe Online
  2. Become a CyberHero If you are working for cyber security and you are motivated to tell the new generation about it join us and be a ‘CyberHero’. Share your knowledge as someone has rightly said “ The only thing that increases by sharing is Knowledge”
  3. Become CyberFit Motivated to know about Cyber Security or if you want to persue your career in information security join our seminars and participate become a ‘CyberFit’

Volunteer Guide

Volunteers make us what we are, volunteer for this cause and be the torch bears of change . Spread the knowledge you are bestowed with, use your skills to mentor those who are less skilled.

Who can join?

  • Anyone enrolled in any technical degree program
  • A graduate of Computer Science , Engineering or any other technical field
  • Professionals working for Cyber Security

How to join?

Drop an email at

Don’t forget to mention Your Name , Age , City and a brief Biography

What we expect from you?

As a volunteer we just expect dedication and hard work from you in making this project a huge success.

How to donate?

If you find our initiative worth it help us in fulfilling this dream of making Pakistan digitally secure

For donations Contact us at

Spread the message

Cyber Security for all, a right to privacy, right to freedom of speech doesn’t barely means to exploit and hurt someone who may seem like an enemy to you but is loved by someone.

Raise your voice against cyber bullying. Let’s bridge the generation gap between parents and their children, save the immature minds from getting corrupted and polluted with feelings of hatred.

Let’s make internet an opportunity to make lives not destroy them.

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