SIT (She In Tech)

During my span of unemployment that i spent at home, I felt that there should be a platform or an opportunity for females where they can polish there technical and communication skills and they are able to do something while being at home”

SIT basically stands for She In Technology which aims to provide a platform connecting professionals and students in the field of engineering and technology for a strong coordination and bonding amongst females and to provide as much ease for the female students as possible so that they can get internships and jobs easily.

SiT is aimed to be taken up with the collaboration of IOPWE. The IOPWE offers scholarships for your educational degree with the conditions that the student signs a bond with IOPWE that states that whenever possible in life, the student shall provide volunteering services for IOPWE. Ammara Ghani, being a volunteer of IOPWE and the SiT Lead, is availing this opportunity to take this project along with IOPWE and Pakistan WIE Forum.

Scope Of The Project

The main mission of SIT consists of the following key jobs:

  • Making female engineers technically sound.
  • Connecting the women in the field of engineering (both working women and students) for strong collaboration and great bonding.
  • Providing the female engineers with good opportunities so that they can carry on with their profession easily.

SIT is in its early stages of team building and documentation. The SiT hierarchy will be as follows:

  • Board Members
  • SiT Lead
    • Internships Head
    • Job Section Head
    • Workshops Head

Three coordinators from all three IEEE Sections of Pakistan shall be working under the committee heads as Section Coordinators.

Project Details

SIT is highly required in Pakistan because females here are restricted to the field of teaching and medical. Engineering is considered male oriented field which is a wrong concept. There are lots of female engineers in Pakistan but most of them are teaching in their own field which is good but it just make them restricted to the university they are working in. Being a female, they can work innovatively and can design innovative stuff but if they are given opportunity. In SIT, the main emphasis is to make females technically sound and to fulfill this dream the following contents are included in SIT:

1. Connecting Professionals with the students:

In SIT network, all the females working in professional fields will be connected through SIT to the students studying in Engineering Universities all over Pakistan, so that the students are made ready to work in the professional field and the students can seek any kind of help from any professional in the network through SIT.

2. Technical Gossip:

Every week or month, depends upon the availability of professionals, there will a meeting called technical gossip in which all the females will share any innovative technology in the market and will share their problems to find a suitable solution to it.

3. SIT Workplace:

SIT Workplace is a laboratory which will be provided by participating universities, which will enable female engineers both undergraduate and graduate to do research work, learning softwares related to their fields and design work because the unemployment level in Pakistan is very high and this workplace will be a place where females will get technical knowledge related to their fields free of cost.

4. SIT handshake/unity Day:

Each year, on the foundation day of SIT, there will be a SIT handshake/unity day and on this day through video conferencing, all the branches of SIT will share their work that they did throughout the year and the future work as well. It will be a one day event on which different activities will be performed to raise the morale of female engineers both technically and recreationally.

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