Being a Women

Every woman is a blessing to this world as her journey of endless efforts , responsibilities , sweet dreams , beautiful smiles , selflessness ,caring attitude,sacrifices , social empowerment, moral support and warm ‘Love’ can never ever be replaced by anything because only she is created for this .

Come and share your words ‘being a woman’ and join us in this global campaign which will not only ‘share love’ but also let you know how important you are to this world .So message us your picture with the message “I’m a …..[Your Profession], [your message]” on any piece of paper or you can email us at You can see how the world is sharing love with us 

We are waiting to receive ‘love’ from your side



4 thoughts on “Being a Women

  1. i’m a Biomedical Engineer … Life of a WOMAN is all about struggle, working hard and finally heaps of love and respect are waiting for you .. love IEEE WIE #beingawoman

  2. Asslamuilekum all
    Nice to get invite from this forum. Indeed I am proud to be a member of women community. A community that is responsible to make homes, societies and undoubtedly nations.
    Being a teacher trainer and acadmecian I am a strong proponent of the view that women as teachers are contributing immensely promoting wonderfully impressive educational environments.
    On women day I hope and pray that we as responsible members of thae society may work together for the betterment of our nation.
    warm regards

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