Volume II

Pakistan WIE Newsletter – Vol II

The second edition of the Pakistan WIE Newsletter had rather more of a formal theme. Released as the spring volume, it contained the front news of the Pakistan Women In Engineering representation at the R10 Students Congress where Ms Mehvish Zahoor represented WIE Pakistan.

It also included highlights of:

  • Pakistan WIE Forum Session at NEDUET Student Branch Karachi Section
  • Inaugural Ceremony – WIE UIT Affinity Group Karachi Section
  • Pakistan WIE Forum visit to Kindergarten School with WIE GCUF Lahore Section
  • Membership Drive; Discover WIE Episode III – WIE UIT Affinity Group Karachi Section
  • Trip to PN Model School – WIE PNEC Affinity Group Karachi Section
  • Meeting of R10 Congress Pakistan Delegates with student members of IEEE Karachi Section
  • IEEE Day Celebrations at IEEE WIE GCUF Lahore Section

This newsletter was a dedication to the young hero of Pakistan, Ms Arfa Karim (late). It included an article about the life of Arfa Karim and how she has been a great value to Pakistan. Ms. Mehvish Zahoor also added to the newsletter and welcomed Ms. Ammara Ghani, Peshawar Sub-section representative to the Pakistan WIE Forum. She also talked about the project SiT (She in Technology) proposed by Ms. Ammara Ghani and the idea behind this project.

One of the most prominent features of the spring volume was an exclusive interview with Ma’am Ramaltha Marimuthu, Chairperson IEEE Women In Engineering. Ms, Hudaisa Afzal being the interviewee, balanced the interview perfectly by asking Ramaltha questions about her personal, volunteer and professional life, and what are her aims and vision for IEEE Women In Engineering. Takako Hashimoto also contributed to the newsletter and thanked Ms. Mehvish Zahoor for representing the Women In Engineering of Pakistan and being a supportive delegate at the R10 Students Congress.

Towards the end, the newsletter contained a technology insight section where it contained articles about techniques for 3D reconstruction, resource allocator and schedule management system and analysis of gp41 antigenic epitopes of HIV etc.

This Newsletter volume also contained Remarks from honorable IEEE personals, Mr. Om Parkash, R10 Student Representative (2011), who has always been a motivation for the Women In Engineering Affinity Groups in Pakistan and for the Pakistan WIE Forum and Mr. Amir Zahoor, Chairman IEEE GOLD Sweden Affinity Group, also one of the founders of the Pakistan WIE Forum, who has been a great source of inspiration for the Pakistan WIE Forum.

Click the link below to download the second edition of the biannual Pakistan WIE Newsletter:

Pak WIE Newsletter Vol2

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