The LLNL Quantum Design and Integration Testbed

Speaker: Dr. Yaniv Jacob Rosen

Friday, September 2, 2022 at noon – 1PM PDT

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Quantum science and technology is a focal point of research at LLNL. To that end we are developing QuDIT, a quantum testbed that allows us to explore different methods of implementing quantum computing and sensing. In this presentation we will introduce the basics of quantum computing and how they achieve a speedup in computation. We will explore LLNL’s implementation which uses the higher levels of the quantum elements to increase the computational space. Despite adding computational complexity, using Qudits instead of Qubits simplifies the hardware and can improve performance for certain calculations. We will show example simulation pulses developed using optimal control techniques designed to solve quantum systems, and discuss the sources of noise and decoherence that affect our system. This presentation will attempt to give a broad overview of the RF engineering, the material science, and the classical computer science that goes into developing the LLNL testbed.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Yaniv is the deputy group leader of the Quantum Coherent Device Physics group. He works on noise in superconducting devices with an emphasis on two-level-system dielectric loss. Yaniv graduated with a B.A. in physics and applied mathematics from the University of California (UC), Berkeley in 2006. He received his Ph.D. in condensed matter physics under Ivan Schuller at UC San Diego in 2013, where he studied thin-film superconductivity under the influence of nano-magnetic dots. From there he engaged in postdoctoral study at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences with Kevin Osborn, studying two-level systems in dielectrics. In 2016, he joined the Lawrence Livermore team where he helped bring online the LLNL Quantum design and Integration Testbed.

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