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About the IEEE SCV EDS Chapter

The IEEE Santa Clara Valley (SCV) Electron Devices Society (EDS) Chapter is one of the most active IEEE EDS Chapters in the world. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley near the southern end of the San Francisco Bay in California, USA. 

We have regular monthly meetings, usually meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. We typically have 50 to 100 attendees at our monthly Seminars. We invite speakers from both local companies and universities, as well as distinguished IEEE EDS speakers from throughout the world. We also hold one or two half-day or full-day Symposiums each year with in-depth coverage of a special topic of interest to our Electron Devices Society Chapter members. 

The presentation slides for most of our speakers are in the public domain, and can be found on the IEEE SCV EDS Chapter “Past Events” webpage at the following URL: 


Please feel free to attend one of our meetings if you happen to be in the area. 

We currently meet over webex

You may sign up for our monthly email Seminar announcements by going to the following URL: 


You do not need to be an IEEE member or an IEEE EDS Society member to subscribe to our email distribution list. Feel free to subscribe by adding either your company email address, or your personal email address, or both to our list. The email database is stored on the IEEE Listserver computer in New Jersy, USA, and special precautions are taken to insure that your email address will not be subject to SPAM.

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