June 8th, 2015 Seminar- “Recent Progress in Physics and Technology of Oxide Based Resistive Switching Memory”

June 8th, 2015

“Recent Progress in Physics and Technology of Oxide Based Resistive Switching Memory”

SpeakerDr. Yoshio Nishi, Stanford University

Slides presented


A large variety of non-volatile resistive switching phenomena and memory devices have been investigated as candidates for possible replacement of semiconductor memories as geometry scaling down continues.

Among them the transition metal oxide based resistive switching memory has been studied most extensively from materials, device physics, cell structures and application circuits toward productization.   In fact there have been chip level demonstrations with giga-bit scale integration made already as well as several products are becoming available.

Non-volatile resistance change mechanisms, including “on”/”off” states, “on”, “off” conduction mechanisms, retention characteristics, write/erase endurance, scalability with 3D integration strategy still remain for further investigation in order to expand the application space beyond simple replacement of existing memory.   This talk will review what we understood through both experimental and theoretical point of view about the “resistance change” phenomena and discuss future potential of the technology of nonvolatile resistive switching.


Yoshio Nishi is a professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, and also serves as chairman of Stanford SystemX Initiative. His current research interest covers nanoelectronic devices and physics for resistive change memory, and new device structures and materials.  His earlier career includes Toshiba R&D Center for silicon-oxide interface physics and for memory R&D, Hewlett-Packard ULSI Research Lab Director and Senior VP and Director of Semiconductor R&D in Texas Instruments both for advanced CMOS devices and technology.   He is a Life Fellow of IEEE.  He received a numerous awards including 1995 IEEE Jack Morton Award, 2002 IEEE Robert Noyce Medal, 2008 SEMI Lifetime Achievements Award and 2012 Fellow International Award, Japan Society of Applied Physics.

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