The IEEE Student Branch Torino periodically organizes seminars with the aim of sharing knowledge and fostering international collaboration among IEEE members and researchers. Seminars are generally

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List of 2020 Seminars

Speaker Date Title Type of Seminar Links
Ing. Antonio Manzalini
16 April 2020 Future Internet: a Bridge from Artificial Intelligence to Quantum Intelligence IEEE Industrial Distinguished Lecture Abstract&Bio
Mr. Alberto Marchisio
(TU Wien, AT)
18 February 2020 Resilient and Energy-Efficient Deep Learning with Capsule Networks and Spiking Neural Networks International Visiting Researcher Abstract&Bio

List of 2019 Seminars

Speaker Date Title Type of Seminar Links
Prof. C K Michael TSE
(PolyU, CH)
3 October 2019 How did Facebook grow? Did Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat and others grow in the same way? A Network-Based Universal Growth Law IEEE Circuit and Systems Distinguished Lecture Abstract&Bio
Prof. Franco Simini
14 May 2019 Biomedical engineering and medical informatics can reshape medical care International Visiting Researcher Abstract&Bio
Prof. Francesco Bullo
12 April 2019 Colloquia Roberto Tempo in Automatica Featured Seminar Abstract&Bio
Dr. Maria-Alexandra Paun
16 January 2019 Analysis and modeling of medical electronic devices using three-dimensional simulations IEEE Switzerland Section Chair Abstract&Bio

List of 2018 Seminars

Speaker Date Title Type of Seminar Links
Prof. Gianluca Setti
(PoliTO, IT)
18 December 2018 Boost your career with IEEE! IEEE Fellow Speaker Abstract&Bio
Prof. Sorel Reisman
6 November 2018 Teaching and Learning with Open Educational Resources (OERs) International Visiting Researcher Abstract&Bio
Mr. Benedetto Vigna
(STMicroelectronics, IT)
26 October 2018 Innovation in Big Companies IEEE Industrial Distinguished Lecture Abstract&Bio
Prof. Ghanshyam Singh
15 May 2018 Photonic Integrated Devices and Systems: Technology for next Generation Telecom Networks IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecture Abstract&Bio
Dr. Simone Marasso, Dr. Alessandro Sanginario
(PoliTO, IT)
9 May 2018 MEMS, The Technology that Makes Technology Introduction to Abstract&Bio

List of 2017 Seminars

Speaker Date Title Type of Seminar Links
Mr. Vincenzo Agui, Mr. Davide Menegaldo
(Helperbit, IT)
12 December 2017 BLOCK CHAIN and BITCOIN Introduction to Abstract&Bio