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The official community of the IEEE Student Member at Politecnico di Torino.


New board of the IEEE Student Branch

It’s time to renew the executive committee of the IEEE student branch. It’s time for the board to pass the torch to new and motivated people. The election has been supervised by our IEEE-SB counsellor Prof. Maurizio Martina. He took the opportunity to thank all the former members of the board for the great work they did in these last…

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The IEEE Student Branch met Federico Faggin

On October 15th, the IEEE student branch had the honour of meeting Federico Faggin during the TOP EXPERIENCES talk entitled: “Intuire, creare, autorizzarsi a nuove comprensioni: dall’invenzione del primo processore alla nuova scienza della consapevolezza”. Federico Faggin designed the Intel 4004 processor and is the creator of Silicon Gate Technology (SGT). He participated in the development of Intel 8080 and…

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IEEE Student Branch Election 2019

Dear IEEE PoliTO student members, this week the election of the new IEEE-SB board will take place. Both the Student Branch and the Women in Engineering Affinity Group board will be renewed this year; on the website you can find all the candidates in the designed tab. A polling station will be organized on Thursday 24th at 5.30 PM in…

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Paddling on the Po, IEEEDay

Every year the IEEE Community reserves a special day at the beginning of October to honor the first time IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884: the IEEE Day. On this occasion, the Student Branch organizes a commemorative event worthy of an exciting city like Turin: the “Dragon boat” on the Po. Here, two crews, of 20…

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