First PitchD ONLINE

Notwithstanding the quarantine and the social restrictions, yesterday we had the third PitchD of the year. We are happy many students, researchers and professors came to listen to the speakers. Fabio and Umberto did a very high quality and professional work. We really thank them for their talks, especially in this period of emergency, and we wish them all the best for their PhD.

In addition to his, we want to thank the people who attended the event, listening and asking questions. At this purpose, we decided to change the usual picture we post for the PitchD with speakers and executive members. We decided to post a photo of all of you!!! Feel free to tag your face on our Facebook page, we will appreciate it! Thanks for activating the webcam at the end of the event, making this possible. For us, your presence was incredibly motivating, the IEEE community at Politecnico di Torino is strong and active, and this prompts us to think about the next ONLINE events. The next PitchD and other exciting events will be scheduled soon.

Proud of our community!

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