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This page contains information on upcoming meetings and minutes of past meetings of the Electrical Safety Committee and the Electrical Safety Committee Executive Subcommittee.

Next Meeting Dates and Past Minutes

IAS Electrical Safety Committee – Next Meeting; at ESW 2022, Monday March 7, 2022, 1pm to 3pm at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel, Agenda

Past Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2022 Meeting at ESW 2022, Jacksonville, Minutes

March 5, 2021 Virtual Meeting with ESW 2021, Minutes

March 2, 2020 Meeting at ESW 2020, Reno, Minutes

March 4, 2019 Meeting at ESW 2019, Jacksonville, Minutes

March 19, 2018 Meeting at ESW 2018, Fort Worth, Minutes

January 30, 2017 Meeting at ESW 2017 Reno, Minutes

ting at March 7, 2016 Meeting at ESW 2016 Jacksonville, Minutes

January 25, 2015 Meeting at ESW 2015 Louisville, Minutes

February 2, 2014 Meeting at ESW 2014 Dan Diego, Minutes

March 11, 2013 Meeting at ESW 2013 Dallas, Minutes

Executive Subcommittee – Next Meeting Virtual, before ESW 2022, Sunday March 1; Noon – 5:00pm

Past Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2022 Meeting at ESW 2022, Minutes

March 4, 2021 Virtual Meeting before ESW 2021, Minutes

March 1, 2020 Meeting at ESW 2020, Minutes

March 3, 2019 Meeting at ESW  2019, Minutes

March 18, 2018 Meeting at ESW 2018, Minutes

January 29, 2017 Meeting at ESW 2017, Minutes

June 13, 2016 Meeting by Conference Call, Minutes

March 6, 2016 Meeting at ESW 2017 Reno, Minutes

January 11, 2016 Meeting by Conference Call, Minutes

September 21, 2015 Meeting by Conference Call, Minutes

Policy on Commercialism and Vendor Etiquette

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The use of the Electrical Safety Committee/Electrical Safety Workshop logo is described in the Policy on Commercialism and Vendor Etiquette.

Color Logo Files (updated December 5, 2017) Click on the hyperlink and then select “Save Image” to download the selected file)

Highest resolution eps file: This is the highest resolution and preferred file for graphics designers when using the logo in very large formats, such as large banners, or for very large projection. The eps file is 84mB and cannot be made available for downloading from this webpage. Contact Lanny Floyd at if the eps file is needed.

High resolution png file: for use with printed materials or full screen projection

Lower resolution jpg file: suitable for web pages

Grey Scale logo file (high resolution)

Modified ESW logo file: This two color design is intended for speaker gifts and promotional items requiring a small or simplified design.

Lapel Pin logo:  This design is used for lapel pins

IAS Electrical Safety Workshop Body of Knowledge (BOK) Index

The BOK index lists all presentations, tutorials and speakers, tutorials from the 1992 to present. All personations and paper files are archived by the Electrical Safety Committee and compiled digital files were included in the registration for the 15th, 20th and 25th anniversary conferences. Since 2009, most papers presented at the annual ESW are achieved and accessible in the IEEE Xplore digital library.  IAS Members, and others who have individual or corporate subscriptions to IEEE Xplore may download individual papers at no additional charge.  Non-subscribers can search and view abstracts at no charge, and download individual papers for a nominal fee.

The BOK Index is maintained by the Historical Subcommittee for the use as a research tool for authors and to support activities of the Electrical Safety Committee as needed.

Click here to download the ESW BOK Index 1992-2017

Electrical Safety Committee Prize Paper Certificate Template

The Awards SC Chair will use this template to create award certificates for presentation at the Electrical Safety Workshop.  Click here to download the template.

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