The IAS Electrical Safety Workshop: Celebrating 30 Years of Changing and Advancing the Electrical Safety Culture”, IEEE Industry Applications Magazine, May/June 2022

Photo Gallery

Photo albums for the Electrical Safety Workshops since 1992 are archived and available for public viewing.  Click on the year to open the album.

ESW 2020 Reno, Nevada

ESW 2019 Jacksonville, Florida

ESW 2018 Fort Worth, Texas

ESW 2017 Reno, Nevada

ESW 2016 Jacksonville, Florida

ESW 2015 Louisville, Kentucky

ESW 2014 San Diego, California

ESW 2013 Dallas, Texas

ESW 2012 Daytona, Florida

ESW 2011 Toronto, Ontario

ESW 2010 Memphis, Tennessee

ESW 2009 St. Louis, Missouri

ESW 2008 Dallas, Texas

ESW 2007 Calgary, Alberta

ESW 2006 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ESW 2005 Denver, Colorado

ESW 2004 Oakland, California

ESW 2003 Houston, Texas

ESW 2002 Biloxi, Mississippi

ESW 2001 Toronto, Ontario

ESW 2000 San Antonio, Texas

ESW 1999 San Diego, California

ESW 1998 Indianapolis, Indiana

ESW 1997 San Antonio, Texas

ESW 1996 San Antonio, Texas

ESW 1995 San Antonio, Texas

ESW 1992 Dallas, Texas