Events Recordings

2024 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker(s) Slides Recordings
Feb 1 CES Download 2024 Leonard Tsai

Joseph Wei

Tom Coughlin

CTSoc Intro – Leonard Tsai

Wearables & IoT – Joseph Wei

Memory & Tech – Tom Coughlin

2023 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker(s) Slides Recordings
May 18 Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles Dr. Khurram Afridi
April 7 New Directions and Challenges in the Packaging of AR/VR Hardware Raj Pendse
Feb. 15 SusTech Talk: Connectivity Standards Alliance & Matter Introduction Chris LaPré

2022 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker(s) Slides Recordings
Apr. 20 How to increase IoT data platform performance for edge devices? Jeff Tao Slides Video
Feb. 2 2022 CES Download  – Storage & Technology, Wearable, IoT, Health and AI Tom CoughlinJoseph WeiKen Pyle Slides – Tom Coughlin Slides – Joseph Wei   Slides – Ken Pyle Video – Tom CoughlinVideo – Joseph WeiVideo – Ken Pyle

2021 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker(s) Slides Recordings
Nov 4

Vaccine (COVID unwrapped) technology and IOT in consumer applications

Alex ChaihorskyMichael Babich Slides Video
Aug 19

Introducing Globalscale Atmosic M2 BLE module

Bryan Cheng Slides Video
June 10 RISC-V & consumer technology with Ted Marena, Western Digital Ted Marena Video
April 28 3D Ultrasound touch interface for mobile devices, appliances, cars and medical IoT by Dr. Sina Akhbari
Mar 25 Wireless Power Transfer through MRC: from theory to implementation Francesco Carobolante Slides Video
Mar 25 Medical Devices by UroDev and IntelliFlow for People with Disabilities developed by USA Army Veteran Derek Herrera Video
Feb 23 Delivering immersive video experiences on Intel GPUs Jill Boyce                  Basal Salahieh Slides Video
Jan 28 2021 CES Download  – Storage & Technology, Wearable and IoT Tom Coughlin            Joseph Wei Slides – Tom Coughlin Slides- Joseph Wei Video

2020 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker(s) Slides Recordings
Dec 7 From Wearables to Cordless Kitchen, NFC delivers wireless power and data Greg Kuchuris  Jason Luzinski Slides Video
Nov 18 Big Tech vs. Healthcare wearables: A Goliath and Goliath Story Stephen Mears Slides Video
Sept 22 Medical Devices and IOT – Helping Diabetics Worldwide Sweta MoitraVP of Marketing
May 27 RISC-V, what is it, the latest updates and consumer oriented applications Ted MarenaWestern Digital
Feb 25 Lyft and WOWCube present: Self Driving Cars Safety, New Way to use Rubik Cube Link to Speakers Video
Jan 23 2020 CES Download Joseph Wei Tom Coughlin Slides – Joseph Wei

2019 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker (s) Slides Recordings
Sept 17 IoT-based Fire and Smoke Detection in Smart Cities using Deep Learning Subhankar DharDev BhattacharyaAvid Farhoodfar Slides
July 23 How Neural Networks are used in Medical Imaging Sayeri LalaEnhao Gong
May 28 Designing for AI enabled Audio IoT: A case for performing at the edge Jim Steele, Knowles Intelligent Audio Slides
Mar 28 Persistent Memory in Consumer Electronics Tom Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates
Feb 21 Panel: Consumer electronics/IoT devices security Suresh Marisetty, ARM Inc.Jasper Van Woudenberg, Riscure North America
Jan 24 2019 CES Download Joseph Wei, Skychee Ventures    Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates Slides – Joseph Wei

2018 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker (s) Slides Recordings
Oct 23 The Technology Powering Wireless Charging 2.0 Cesar Johnston, Energous Corp.
Sept 25 Two Talks: ECC Memory in Automotive Solutions / Deep Learning with AWS DeepLens Michael Wang, ISSINagajyothi Nookula, Amazon AWS
Aug 28 IEEE Hardware Startup & Innovation Symposium Joseph Wei, Skychee VenturesJack Kang, SiFiveRyan Cousins, KrtklDr. Ekta Dang, U First CapitalJosh Su, SK Hynix IEEE Hardware Startup & Innovation Symposiumkrtkl-ieee-2018.08.28 Video
July 24 Lunch & Learn: T-Skin wearable w/gesture control for AR/VR, Robotics, & Drone
May VTA Presentation on Downtown San Jose BARTStart-up Pitch Contest at Women-in-Engineering International Leadership Conference Dennis Ratcliffe, VTA Deputy Director, Engineering and Program Delivery
Mar Bringing True Medical-grade Data to your Fingertips through a Next Generation Wearable Kevin Zhao (Profusa)
Feb Insider Secrets of a Robotics & Consumer Electronics Design Consultancy by Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley (co-sponsored by CE Society)
Jan 2018 CES Download Bill Orner 2018 IEEE CES Download – billorner
Joseph Wei 2018 IEEE CES Download – josephwei
Tom Coughlin 2018 IEEE CES Download – Tom Coughlin

2017 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker(s) Slides Recordings

‘Tis the Season to Give! IEEE & SHPE-SV Volunteers

Oct How consumer product like Google’s Pixelbook benefit from NVMe Storage? Zhiping Yang, Sr. Hardware Manager, Google Inc. Slides
Sept Emerging Wireless Technologies for IoT Walt Maclay, President, Voler Systems  Slides Wireless for IoT – 1Wireless for IoT – 2
Aug Khronos Standards for Neural Network Acceleration and Deployment Radhakrishna (Radha) Giduthuri, AMD Slides
July Device Data in IoT: Use it Early and Often Josh Pederson, Director of Product Management, Ayla Networks Slides

2016 Meetings

Month Topic Speaker(s) Slides Recordings
Dec Bluetooth 5 Michael McDonald (Toshiba)
Oct GPUs & Deep Learning at scale Robert Ober (NVIDIA) NVIDIA
Sept Cassia Networks Felix Zhang (Cassia Networks) Cassia Cassia
Aug AR-VR Harsha Nagaraju (Micron) Interactive AR/VR
July The Memory of Cars Tom Coughlin (Coughlin Associates)
June Cypress Semiconductor Solutions for IoT and Wearables David W. Blevins (Cypress) Cypress
May Maker Faire Download Shomir Dighe, Joseph Wei 2016 Maker Faire
April Virtual Reality with Stereoscopic Cameras: Algorithms for Immersive Playback Adam Rowell (Lucid) Lucid IEEE Talk
Mar Pabellon advances Nikola Tesla’s wireless power transfer experiments to a new level Alex Rubin (Pabellon) Pabellon Pabellon
Feb Future of Urban Transport Dr. Nathan Jauvtis (Bolt Motobike) Bolt Part1  Part2
Jan CES Download Bill Orner (GoPro)Tom Coughlin (Coughlin Associates)Joseph Wei (SJW Consulting, Inc.) Bill OrnerTom CoughlinJoseph Wei Bill OrnerTom CoughlinJoseph Wei

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