About the Chapter

The convergence of audio, video, imaging, computing, storage, communications and networking technologies found in today’s CE products makes Silicon Valley area an excellent location for a Consumer Electronics Society Chapter. This area is extremely well represented by companies specializing in the variety of technologies that have already resulted in new products enriching our lives such as cell phone cameras, digital video/still cameras, recordable DVDs, digital video recorders, HDTV, MP3 players and game machines.

Borrowing from the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society’s website (www.cesoc.ieee.org), members of the society are interested in the consumer related aspects of leisure, video and audio entertainment electronics; home information and communications systems; and interactive information and display systems. Products in these categories include video receivers, video signal generation, processing, and distribution equipment; projection TV; still and motion electronic cameras; HDTV and other advanced TV systems; personal computer hardware and software; home automation and security systems; telephones and accessories; electronic games and toys; digital audio systems; audio and video recording devices; home, mobile, and portable audio systems; cellular telephones and personal communications devices; music electronics; and home health care electronic devices.

The key goals of the CE Society SV Chapter are to:

  • Enable professional networking within the CE community in SV area
  • Invite CE industry experts as speakers and discussion panelists
  • Offer company sponsored events and seminars
  • Drive CE industry standards
  • Collaborate with other IEEE SV chapters

Examples of topics of discussion of interest to members of the chapter are:

  • Digital Rights Management
  • New video codecs
  • Wired and wireless home networking technologies
  • Role of Media Centers/Servers
  • Video on demand over broadband/cable/satellite
  • What’s the next hot platform for the living room

The CE Society SV Chapter was officially established in July 2004. The breadth of interest in Consumer Electronics in the silicon valley is evident from the roster of the 300 or so members of the CE Society. These members come from highly visible and recognized companies that include Agere, Apple, ARM, ATI, Broadcom, Cadence, Cisco, Compaq, Conexant, Dolby, Fujitsu, Genesis, HP, Infineon, Intel, LSI Logic, Marvell, National Semiconductor, MIPS, Philips, Rambus, Microsoft, Samsung, Seagate, SGI, Sony, Terayon, Toyota, and Xilinx among others.