San Francisco Bay Area Consumer Technology Chapter

Consumer Technology (CT) Chapter is the largest Chapter within IEEE Consumer Technology Society, located in the heart of Silicon Valley with some of the top Consumer Technology component companies producing semiconductors, wireless communication, MEMS and Sensors, audio/video, AR/VR, etc., as well as wearable and IoT Consumer Electronics devices. The CT Chapter organizes technical meetings with industry technology leaders in sharing the latest consumer technology and devices. Click here to join our mailing list and be notified of meetings and events.

Upcoming Events:

Design trends with Extended Power Range (EPR) features for USB-C, also adopted by Apple iPhone

Date: 24 Apr 2024

2900 Semiconductor Dr.
Santa Clara, California
United States 95051

Please Check Recent Events for past webinar slides and video recordings.

2024 Officers :

  • Chair                  : Leonard Tsai
  • Treasurer            : Joseph Wei
  • Secretary            : Pat Fasang
  • Program              : Michael Wang
  • Webmaster          : Vishal Patel

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