PitchD – 4th Edition

5 June 2019 – 17.30
Politecnico di Torino – Maxwell Room

Forth meeting with PitchD – the PhD’s pitch. Two misses from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication will deep us in the world of convolutional neural network and will bring us to electromagnetic invisibility. Join us to discover more!

SoCNNet: An Optimized Sobel Filter based Convolutional Neural Network for SEM images Classification of Nanomaterials

Miss Annunziata Paviglianiti, PhD student, DET.

This presentation aims at providing an illustration of my research about an optimized deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for the automatic classification of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images of homogeneous nanofibers (HNF) and nonhomogeneous nanofibers (NHNF) produced by electrospinnig process. Specifically, SEM images are used as input of a Deep Learning (DL) framework consisting of a Sobel filter based pre-processing stage followed by a CNN classifier (SoCNNet). Experimental results of this study demonstrate the potential effectiveness of proposed SoCNNet in the industrial chain of nanofibers production.

Metasurfaces for Mantle Cloaking Applications and Scattering Reduction

Miss Barbara Cappello, PhD student, DET.

My research activity is focused on the study of electromagnetic metamaterials and especially on their application to electromagnetic invisibility. Metamaterials are artificial periodic structures able to control and bend the propagation path of the electromagnetic waves in unprecedented ways. Among the different applications of metamaterials, cloaking is one of the most fascinating. In particular, mantle cloaking, differently from other techniques, has the advantage of suppressing the scattered field from the target object by using a 2D thin patterned metasurface, therefore reducing the cloak weight and thickness. In this seminar I will present an overview of electromagnetic metamaterials and cloaking problems, showing the design and analysis of a particular metasurface based on a width modulated microstrip line.

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