New initiative: PitchD – the PhD’s pitch

A brand new series of seminars is about to start, and one of the speakers could be you!

The initiative is named ‘PitchD – the PhD’s pitch‘ and is addressed to all PoliTo PhD candidates. It consists of series of seminars in which PhD students will present their research work, mainly from a scientific point of view, but also giving a glimpse of their experience so far (conferences, abroad periods, publications and so on). The aim is to present to a broad audience the research carried out in our university, perhaps motivating MD students to undertake this path in their future career.

What are you waiting for?! Apply now to be one of the speakers!

Why should you apply?

  • To show your results in an informal atmosphere (it’s not a stressful conference…) to many students interested in your work
  • To improve your public speaking skills (everyone knows how important it is)
  • To receive a Certificate by IEEE for the participation to the initiative!

Any PhD student can apply to be a speaker. Each seminar will last about half an hour and they will be organized approximately once per week from April onwards.

To apply, send an email to indicating your name, your PhD course and cycle, the title of your presentation and a short abstract.

For any doubt or question do not hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to your participation!

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