Final Presentation of the course “Workshop: Innovative Systems” 2020/2021

 29 March 2021 – 17.30

YouTube Live Broadcast

The workshop “Innovative systems” aims to explore the capabilities of new technological processes used in the design of innovative digital systems. Three groups of students develop a project in cooperation with academic tutors who guide them on project decisions. The workshop is multidisciplinary and gathers students of two courses: “Sistemi elettronici a basso consumo” (Low-power electronic systems) and “Integrated System technology”.
In the first part of the workshop, the students designed an application-specific processing architecture by comparing different design solutions and optimizing them on power and/or speed. Secondly, the workshop focused on the physical design of a subcircuit of their architectures, using both conventional CMOS technology and cutting-edge technologies.

The students who participated in the 2020/2021 workshop:

GR#1: Power*Delay Reduction Group – FinFET technology

  • Alessandro Barrera
  • Paolo Cacciatore
  • Huicai Liu

GR#2: Low-Power Group – TFET technology

  • Alessandro Lovesio
  • Lorenzo Poloni
  • Simone Pont

GR#3: High-Speed Group – GAAFET technology

  • Luca Nurisso
  • Gabriele Perrone
  • Deborah Volpe

The final presentation of the workshop is taking place on 29 March 2021, live on YouTube.

Teaching team: Prof. Maurizio Zamboni, Prof. Gianluca Piccinini, Prof. Marco Vacca, Prof. Mariagrazia Graziano, Luca Gnoli, Yuri Ardesi, Andrea Coluccio, Giuliana Beretta, Chiara Elfi Spano, Fabrizio Mo

The event is co-organized and supported by the Collegio ETF (Elettronica, Telecomunicazioni e Fisica).

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