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Rethinking IEEE AUST Student Branch

IEEE AUST Student Branch is the student branch of IEEE in Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka and is the only professional and international student organization in AUST. Formed in 2003, IEEE AUST Student Branch is the first student branch in a private university and 4th student branch to be formed throughout the country and is one of the most vibrant branch of IEEE Bangladesh Section. To revolutionize the activities of our student branch, we are came forward with some exotic features to reintroduce our branch in a re-branding event held on 6th August, 2017 entitled “Rethinking IEEE AUST Student Branch”.

This grand event was designed to include the the following activities-

  • Introducing our new logo
  • Launching of the official website
  • Inauguration of our new notice board.
  • Launching of our first app.
  • Membership drive for 2018.

The event started off with a welcome speech by the Branch Counselor, Masoodur Rahman Khan. The branch Chair, Muhammad Ahsan Nahiyan then took the stage to share his experience of four year long journey with IEEE, where he talked about the events he attended, the helps he received from IEEE network, benefits of IEEE and networking, how can students get the most out of their IEEE membership. Followed by him, the Vice Chair Shaer Ahmed introduced the audience with the newly designed logo of IEEE AUST Student Branch and the specifications of it. He also showed the new official website of the branch. Credit of both designing the logo and developing the website goes to him. He then invited Student Activity Coordinator Tehjib Sadaf to come up on the stage and present the features of the new official app of the branch.

This is to be noted that the renovation of the logo, website, and the notice board was sanctioned during the office of previous ExCom. To honor the contributions of the past officers, small token of appreciations were presented to the former Chair Maskura Nafreen Niti, former Program Coordinator Toushif Adnan, former Historian Fariha Mahzabin Islam and the former Treasurer Nuruzzaman Shagor.

Towards the end of the event, the completely renovated notice board of IEEE AUST Student Branch was inaugurated by cutting the ribbon. All the participants were presented with an IEEE AUST SB Badge. The program concluded with the closing remarks of the Branch Counselor and group photo session.

The newly launched website is live at: http://www.ieeeaustsb.org/

Details about the logo can be found at http://www.ieeeaustsb.org/about/logo

Details about the app can be found at http://www.ieeeaustsb.org/about/app

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