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The old logo of IEEE AUST Student Branch

The old logo was an amalgamation of two separate logos, that of IEEE on the left and the logo of AUST on the right. However, the logo of IEEE was slightly deformed and the letterings, IEEE were shrank to fit properly.  

Why the Revamping?

According to the IEEE Policies (Section 6.3.2-C), it is not permissible to include either the IEEE Logotype or the IEEE Diamond-shaped emblem in its exact form in the logo of an Organizational Unit.

The old logo of IEEE AUST SB violated the rule of IEEE Master Brand policy and needed to be redesigned accordingly.

What was kept in mind during redesigning?

High emphases were given so that the logo should

  • represent the modern thinking of IEEE AUST Student Branch and also at the same time reflect the legacy the branch holds,
  • be meaningful,
  • be recognizable and should be easily associated with the branch,
  • be visually appealing,
  • be easily memorable,
  • look pleasing in either dark or light backgrounds,
  • be recognizable in monochrome.

The new official Logo

The new official logo of IEEE AUST Student Branch designed by Shaer Ahmed

(Vice Chair, IEEE AUST Student Branch, 2017-18)


The logo was unveiled on August 6, 2017 at the event ‘Rethinking IEEE AUST Student Branch’

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Description of the Logo

The logo is divided into two parts: the Emblem and the Logotype

The Emblem

The Logotype


The Emblem

The Emblem consists of two rhombi. The larger blue rhombus encircles the inner green rhombus, separated by white spacing.

There is a open book in white color at the center of the green rhombus. A mild shadow of the book falls on the background.

The logotype

The logotype is written in two lines, separated by a orange horizontal line.

The words IEEE AUST are written in Serif typeface to reflect the long history and legacy of the branch.

The words Student Branch are written in Sans Serif typeface to reflect the modern thinking of the branch and the constant progress the branch is making.

Color Palette

















The colors are vital in representing the branch.

The blue in the rhombus and in the word IEEE represents IEEE. The White in the rhombus represents the IEEE motto, “Advancing Technology for Humanity”. To represent Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, the colors used in the logo of AUST, Green and Orange has been used.