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Since IEEE members are change agents for IEEE’s ‘Advancing Technology For Humanity’, here is a 1/2 -hour video on managing change.  If you are an engineering team leader or higher dealing with change, you’ll find this video presentation useful. The talk of Dr Warrick’s Webinar is entitled, “How Skilled Are You and Your Organization at Managing Change?”

This is a one-hour talk by Dr Don Warrick to his OD&C colleagues, entitled:  Don Warrick – Lessons Learned From Over Fifty Years Of OD&C Studies And Practice.  OD&C stands for Organizational Development and Change.

Summary: Dr. Warrick has been a student, educator, practitioner, and author of books and articles on OD&C for over fifty years. In his session he will be sharing some of the key lessons he has learned about the field that he considers to be one of the most rewarding fields anyone could be in. He loves the field of OD&C and believes that people involved in ODC have an opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of organizations, teams, and individuals.

Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE)

IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (


The IEEE Pikes Peak Section visited the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) IEEE Student Branch on 6 Oct 2022, in celebration of IEEE Day.  The focused of the visit is the Leadership/Growth Mindset and Professional Development through IEEE.

Here is the slide presentation on “Why A Technical Skill Set May Not Be Enough “by Dr John Santiago and “Going Pro” by Mr. Daniel Thomson.   For Dr Santiago’s talk, the slides are presented in video with no audio.  However, there are two YouTube videos in the recorded video presentation below.  You should watch the first video, the Backwards Brain Bicycle shown below before viewing the rest of the slides.   The other video of 45 seconds in length is on slide 4 and is made by a student showing a glimpse of their advertising/marketing aspect of the entrepreneurial mindset.  The student who made this video is now working at Disneyland in China designing theme rides.

For Daniel Thomson presentation, he provides reasons why IEEE is a good return-on-investment (ROI) as well as a discussion of the benefits of attending the Rising Stars Conference, held every January at Las Vegas.   Young Professionals and IEEE Student members are highly encouraged to attend.  Please see your student branch advisor for details.  Due to budget constraints, one student per student branch may attend.

A flipbooks of the slide presentations.

You alone can’t create a pencil but over thousands of people who don’t know each other cooperated in making the pencil happen at an insignificant price.  That’s the market enterprise important role in letting the free market govern the price structure.  Developing partnerships and building a team as well as identifying supply chain distribution methods when there’s market (customer) interest contributes to global harmony.

After reviewing Wooden on Leadership, found on second tab below, scroll down to the bottom of the Pyramid of Success for more insight about John Wooden’s philosophy on leadership which includes an interactive Pyramid at his official website, along with some more videos.

Recently, a presentation was given to the IEEE University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Student Branch about IEEE and John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success held on 6 Oct 2022.  See flyer at IEEE Day: Why Your Technical Skillset Might Not Be Enough & ‘State of the IEEE Pikes Peak Section’ : vTools Events for more details.


Do you have a growth mindset and experienced engineering organizations that are too busy to focus on attracting, developing, and retaining talented professionals, making it hard to grow?

Although some of the media below may be focused on structural engineering, most are applicable to other engineering disciplines.  Here are some resources from Engineering Management Institute to build professional development plans, programs, and tools that help them attract, build AND maintain strong teams and grow sustainably.


PLAYLIST:  Engineering Management Videos – Leadership Development

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How Engineers Can Identify and Combat Imposter Syndrome

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PLAYLIST – The Engineering Project Management

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Here’s How Volunteering & Finding the Right Mentor Can Dramatically Impact Your Engineering Careers


Jim Rohn was a leading figure in the world of development and motivational speaking, known for his impactful teachings and strategies that have inspired millions of individuals to achieve personal and professional success. Born in 1930 in Idaho, Rohn’s humble beginnings set the stage for his relentless pursuit of personal growth and self-improvement. Initially, Rohn worked as a stock clerk and eventually became a distributor for a successful direct sales company.

Rohn’s journey into the world of motivational speaking began when he attended a seminar by entrepreneur John Earl Shoaff. Shoaff became Rohn’s mentor and guided him towards developing his own unique philosophy and principles on success. Rohn dedicated his life to studying and sharing these principles with others, eventually becoming one of the most sought-after speakers in the world.

Rohn’s teachings were centered around personal responsibility, setting goals, and the power of personal development. He stressed the importance of continuous learning and believed that success was not a destination but a journey. Rohn’s philosophies were backed by real-life examples, making them relatable and practical for individuals from all walks of life.

One of his most famous teachings was the concept of the “Law of Averages”. Rohn explained that success is not guaranteed with every endeavor, but by consistently taking action and learning from failures, individuals increase their chances of achieving success.

Rohn’s impact extended beyond his motivational speeches. He authored several books, including “The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle” and “7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness”. These books have become timeless classics in the world of personal development, providing readers with practical strategies for personal and professional growth.

Rohn’s seminars became highly-acclaimed events, attracting individuals from different professions and backgrounds. Through his humorous and engaging storytelling style, Rohn had the ability to captivate his audience and leave them feeling inspired and motivated.

While Rohn’s teachings were widely embraced and revered, he faced some criticism from skeptics who believed his ideas were too idealistic or lacked scientific backing. However, Rohn’s ability to connect with people on a deeper level and his genuine passion for helping others transformed many skeptics into believers.

Jim Rohn’s legacy is evident in the lives he has touched and the success stories that continue to emerge from individuals who have embraced his teachings. His timeless principles and strategies continue to resonate with people around the world, reminding them of the power of personal development, goal setting, and the pursuit of excellence. The enduring impact of Jim Rohn lies in his ability to empower individuals to take control of their lives, dream big, and unlock their full potential.

Prompt:  Write a 300-word article about Jim Rohn

Advanced Prompt:  Write a detailed and informative 300-word article on the life, accomplishments, and lasting impact of Jim Rohn. Begin with an introduction to Jim Rohn, highlighting his background, profession, and notable contributions. Explore his influential motivational teachings and strategies, providing specific examples of the principles he advocated for personal and professional development. Incorporate anecdotes and stories that illustrate the positive impact he has had on individuals and organizations. Discuss his books, seminars, and other resources that have resonated with and inspired countless individuals. Address any criticism or controversies surrounding Jim Rohn, presenting a balanced perspective. Conclude by summarizing his significant legacy and the enduring lessons that readers can glean from his work.