Guidelines for Submission to IEEE Sensors Journal Special Issue

Authors of high quality accepted papers at WiSEE 2013 are welcome to submit a substantially expanded version of their papers to the IEEE Sensors Journal Special Issue per the Call-for-Papers.  Guidelines for the submission may be found below.

Expanding Conference Papers for Submission to the IEEE Sensors Journal

The IEEE Sensors Journal encourages authors who have published at recent technical symposia, meetings and conferences to submit expanded, archival quality versions of their conference papers. Manuscripts of such expanded papers submitted for publication in the IEEE Sensors Journal must clearly disclose the earlier publication, by providing in a first page footnote the IEEEXplore URL of the conference paper or its Digital Object Identifier (DOI) if it was published elsewhere.

It is difficult to specify precisely what authors should do in this expansion and improvement of their conference papers – each case will be unique. However, below we offer guidelines to help the authors decide what they wish to include in the expanded manuscripts.

  • Use feedback obtained at the conference to update, revise, and rewrite the paper, as appropriate, to improve the paper’s overall quality.
  • Add new material to your paper. Typically, your conference paper will grow to 8 pages, which allows the inclusion of new text, figures and data.
  • Include a footnote in the submitted manuscript stating, e.g., “An earlier version of this paper was presented at the XYZ Conference and was published in its Proceedings.” and include a web-link to the already published paper.
  • Highlight the new sections, figures, etc. in the expanded manuscript to expedite processing.
  • Provide a copy of the original conference paper (upload an additional PDF file during the submission process).

All expanded papers will undergo our standard peer-review process. While manuscripts differ in topics, methodology and reporting style, we can say that expanded manuscripts which have followed the suggestions above have been received well by our Reviewers and Associate Editors.

Expanded papers should be submitted through the Scholar One portal for the IEEE Sensors Journal:

Please check on the submission page if the Manuscript Type menu contains entry “Expanded Papers from the XYZ Conference”. If a precisely matching entry is not available, please choose “Regular paper”.

Further details about publishing in the IEEE Sensors Journal can be found at:

Editorial Board

May 2013