Workshop WSSW 2013

Wireless Sensor Systems Workshop, 2013

(WSSW 2013)

(Co-located with IEEE WiSEE 2013 Conference)

Wireless-enabled distributed sensor systems are advancing rapidly to play a critical role in eliminating the persistent boundaries of intelligent systems. Having the most promising applications located within remote and inaccessible environments potential solutions could be achieved by integrating system’s intelligence with the media.

This Workshop is a unique opportunity for investigators to present their work and exchange ideas on applying smart and intelligent sensor systems to resolve many of today’s technical problems associated with harsh, remote and inaccessible environments. The problems of interest encompass application scenarios in extreme environments such as space, deep-sea, deserts, and other extreme sensing applications where existing solutions fail to perform. The Workshop starts with a Prestigious Keynote Speech, followed by our selected research papers presented in the first day of the Conference.

The Workshop is enhanced with four features:

(a)     Published in the IEEE Conference Proceeding

(b)     Nominated for the best Workshop Prize Paper

(c)     Nominated for publication in the IEEE Sensors Special Issue, ‘Wireless Sensor Systems for Space and Extreme Environments’

(d)     Invited for a Chapter Contribution to a Specialised Editorial Book

Interested authors should submit their workshop papers to the WiSEE 2013 conference paper website at:, and choose the WSSW’13 Workshop track.


This Workshop welcomes contributions of fresh ideas, new solutions, new results, and research challenges for innovative wirelessly distributed sensor systems applicable to space and extreme environments (SEE) domains and concepts. Papers are encouraged on, but not limited to, the themes and topics in the following areas:

  • Resilient architectures for smart and intelligent sensing
  • Unstructured sensor networking systems, relaying, and ubiquitous access
  • Adoption of intelligence and multi-agent systems for sensing
  • Cooperative sensing, actuation, localization, clustering, and beamforming
  • Spectrum sensing and dynamic spectrum sharing for space and extreme environments
  • Innovative sensing designs for deep space, arctic, deserts and extreme environments
  • Smart sensors for space and extreme environments
  • Integrated agile and dynamic sensors, barcodes, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • Scarce-resource management, energy harvesting, and ambient technologies
  • Smart sensors for underwater, underground, and seismic sensing and monitoring
  • Development of environmentally proven devices for monitoring and surveillance
  • Development of devices resistive to harsh and extreme environments

Any enquiries relating to this Workshop should be directed to the workshop chair, Prof H F Rashvand

Donwload the WSSW’13 CfP here.

Workshop Organisation:

Dr H Alasti (ECPI)
Prof J Alcaraz, (Valencia, EM)
Dr F Bari (AT&T)
Dr N W Bergmann (Queensland)
Dr M Buehrer (Virginia Tech)
Dr M-D Cano-Baños (Cartagena)
Dr H Chen (Guilin)
Prof D G Costa (Feira de Santana)
Dr S Duan (USTB)
Prof Z Ghassemlooy (Northumbria)
Dr Y Li (Tsinghua)
Dr Y B Li (Shandong)
Dr R Mehmood (Huddersfield)
Dr S Misra (IIT)
Prof H C Chao (National Ilan University)
Dr P D Mitchell (York, EM)
Dr H S Ning (BUAA, EM)
Prof H F Rashvand (Warwick, GM)
Prof G Y Tian (Newcastle)
Dr I Wells (Swansea)
Prof S Zekavat (Michigan Tech, WM)