Workshop SSP 2013

The Space Solar Power Workshop, 2013 (SSP  2013)

(Co-located with IEEE WiSEE 2013 Conference, Nov 7-9, Baltimore, MD)

Thirty seven states and many countries have initiated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and other initiatives to adopt improved energy generation alternatives. SSP is among the most attractive new energy sources, offering a 99.3% capacity factor (naturally baseload), with low CO2 intensity, and near zero fuel and water use. SSP would be utility-scale solar energy collection at GEO employing wireless transmission to Earth for use by existing major power grids. SSP is not yet available for RPS, although international efforts are underway to enable its adoption. For example, the June 2013 issue of IEEE Proceedings, devoted to Wireless Power Transmission, continues to increase our understanding of SSP’s key technical challenges and solutions.


This workshop welcomes the many large-scale energy stakeholders, including area technology developers, designers, vendors, and power industry representatives to assist in providing a forum to identify challenges and solutions to SSP implementation.  We will bridge the information gap between the SSP technical community and those initiating and regulating RPS demands on the electric power industry and identify opportunities to create and implement SSP dialog and education for electric power companies; as well as cognizant state and federal regulatory agencies. Topics for these presentations and papers will include, but not be limited to:

  • SSP Wireless Power Transmission Designs
  • SSP MW circuits and frequencies for phase locking, pointing control, regulatory control, etc.
  • Space transportation; market growth, vehicles, insurance dynamics, orbital availability
  • Large, Light and Smart Orbital structures
  • Orbital Dynamics, operations and Flight Control, and Space weather
  • Tele-robotic construction
  • Orbital communication paradigms
  • Photovoltaics, PMAD, and waste heat control
  • MTBF component life-extension strategies
  • SSP System Security; debris avoidance – natural and other types; In-Situ Resource Utilization
  • SSP Long term Sustainability Policies and International SSP Efforts
  • SSP comparisons with existing Utility-scale Energy Resources
  • SSP Context; Industry workforce educational Preparations, Strategy and Awareness
  • SSP’s Energy Economics for policy makers
  • SSP’s Global Environmental Impact

This workshop plans to host major international speakers such as Prof. Koji Tanaka, the principle engineer in charge of Japan’s first Space Solar Power demonstration satellite scheduled for launch in 2016/2017. The workshop aims to present existing work and plans to continue exploring SSP’s diverse interconnected technologies, including wireless power transmission, microwave circuits, space transportation, light and smart space-based structures, tele-robotic construction and operations, orbital communication paradigms, photovoltaics, electric propulsion, space weather, and many others; and develop prize competition concepts to advance these systems and technologies.


Presenters are not required to submit a paper to the SSP workshop. Your abstract will be posted on the SSP workshop webpage, as originally designated.  If, however, a presenter chooses to submit an accompanying paper, the paper will be evaluated and could also be published at IEEE Xplore.  Interested authors should submit their workshop papers to the WiSEE 2013 Conference Paper Site , and choose the SSP 2013 track there.

Paper submission guidelines will be consistent with IEEE WiSEE. The deadline for submission of SSP workshop abstracts is extended to Aug. 10, 2013 and the deadline for the submission of full papers (optional) will be Sept. 1, 2013.


Deadline for submission of abstract                          August 10, 2013
Notification of Acceptance of Talks                          September 1, 2013
WiSEE Conference Dates                                       November 7-9, 2013
SSP Workshop Conference Dates                                November 8-9, 2013

SSP Workshop registration will be through WiSEE 2013 website

The WiSEE 2013 Conference follows the 2013 IEEE Sensors conference also located at Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Place Hotel, in November 03-06, 2013

Workshop Co-Chairs:

Prof. Reza Zekavat, (Michigan Tech University)
Darel Preble, (Space Solar Power Institute)

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Amir Mortazawi, (University of Michigan)
Prof. Habib Rashvand, (University of Warwick, UK)
Prof. Ali Abedi, (University of Maine)
Prof. Greg Durgin, (Georgia Tech, Space Solar Power Institute)
Prof. Manos Tentzeris, (Georgia Tech, Space Solar Power Institute)
Dr. Chris Valenta, (Georgia Tech Research Institute, Space Solar Power Institute)
Dr. Frank Little, (Texas A&M Space Eng. Research Center, Space Solar Power Institute)
Dr. Paul Werbos, (National Science Foundation)
Dr. Brent Sherwood, (JPL/ NASA)
Dr. Michael Contreras, (Jet Propulsion Laboratory/ NASA)
Gail Tverberg, (Space Solar Power Institute)
Hu Davis, (SolarHigh Group)
Gordon Woodcock, (SolarHigh Group)
Dr. Henry Brandhorst (SolarHigh Group, Auburn Univ.)
Dr. Dale Ferguson, (SolarHigh Group, Air Force Research Lab)
Dr. Koji Tanaka (ISAS/JAXA), Japan
Prof. Patrick Collins, (Azuba Univ.) Japan
Prof. Naoki Shinhara, (Kyoto Univ.) Japan