Travel Reimbursement


Necessary and authorized travel expenses associated with student activities incurred in conjunction with Southeastcon (and the Region 3 Student Conference) will be reimbursed in accordance with the policy and limitations specified herein. Reimbursement as covered below will be made upon submission of the appropriate Region 3 expense report as specified by the Region 3 Student Activities Chair (RSAC).


  1. (a.)  Each student branch will be reimbursed for the roundtrip mileage of one (1) vehicle at the mileage rate authorized by the IEEE Controller.
  2. (b.)  No air travel for student branches in the continental U.S. will be reimbursed.
  3. (c.)  Air travel for students from student branches where ground transportation is not possible may be reimbursed but only with prior approval of the RSAC and Regional Director.

Per Diem (food/lodging/incidentals):

  1. (a.)  Branch Chair at $40/day, 2.5 days maximum, contingent on attendance at the Student Branch Leadership Training meeting.
  2. (b.)  Branch Counselor at $40/day, 2.5 days maximum, contingent on attendance at the Branch Counselor Training meeting.
  3. (c.)  Student Paper participant (one per branch) at $40/day, 2.5 days maximum.

Student Branch Leadership Training attendance:

Each student branch must have a student officer attend the Student Branch Leadership Training on Friday afternoon (please see conference schedule). Instructions on reimbursement will be given at this meeting.